16YO teen dialed 911 to turn in her dad for confiscating her phone saying, "It's my property, but the cop schooled her instead

16YO teen dialed 911 to turn in her dad for confiscating her phone saying, "It's my property, but the cop schooled her instead

When the cops arrived, they saw that the situation was no emergency but a lesson still had to be taught.

Parents teaching a lesson to their kids when they do something wrong is quite common but here's a child who went a tad bit overboard to teach her parents a lesson. In a weird turn of events, a 16-year-old in Ohio dialed 911 to report how on her father for having taken away her phone, which was her "property." But when the cops arrived, the teen learned a rather real lesson for life.

When the cars of the South Euclid Police Department arrived at the scene, both the girl and her father, Anthony Robertson, were standing outside their house. Bodycam footage showed how the entire ordeal took place. The 911 call made by the girl was played by WKYC, which recalled the incident. On the call, she told dispatchers, "My father took my property, which is an $800 phone that doesn't belong to him. He didn't buy it."



Though the cops were not expected to respond to the call, they arrived at the scene without delay. Explaining their prompt action to WKYC, Lt. James Wilson said, "Certainly if we were busy, it would be pushed to the back burner, but we still have an obligation to respond." The minor whose identity is protected by the police could be heard in the background insisting, "I want my phone."

Robertson took his daughter's phone out of parental concerns and the police officials understood the logic. He said, "I took her phone because she's a juvenile, and I don't want her to have it. I can't inspect it, because the phone is locked, so I took it away." But the adamant daughter didn't give two cents and continued stating that it belonged to her and so the father had no right to take it away.

One of the cops made use of this opportune moment to give the rebellious girl a reality check. He said, "But guess what? Everything that you own belongs to your mother and your father. Having a phone is not a right." Robertson, who was glad to have a cop who understood his concern, could be heard adding, "It's a privilege." Undeterred by the cops and her father, the girl went on, "It's my property and I don't live here."

The other cop chimed in to play, well, quite literally the good cop and added, "Back in the days, I had my pager taken away, so I hear you. You know what a page is?"



Clearly, she did not understand what her father and the police were trying to tell her. Speaking about teenagers and the phone use Robertson said, "To all the parents, you know? Stay on them. There's so many hidden apps and little ways that they can hide and cover up what they're doing on those phones. It's ridiculous," reported The Daily Mail.

Before leaving the father and daughter to sort the issue between themselves, the police officials warned the teenager to call 911 only if it is a real emergency. The South Euclid Police Department sure though it could be a lesson for all teenagers, and so shared the video on their Facebook page. We believe this is a good opportunity for teens and their parents to have a more open dialogue.



Lt. Wilson also cleared any doubts that the parents would have regarding charges of "theft" in case they confiscate something of their child. He said, "Our department would not pursue this type of 'theft'," and added, "You'd be hard-pressed to find a court in this country who would take the case."

Speaking to WKYC, the father of the angry teen revealed that he was shocked when he saw the police arrive. He said, "There's like, four cars, and I'm like, oh my goodness, the police are coming and they look kind of tough." He also said that he still had his daughter's phone and he was going to hold on to it a little tighter. Hopefully, it would be a good lesson for the girl and for everyone who comes across this story.

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