More than 190 dogs have been rescued from dog-meat trade in South Korea. They're looking for homes in the US, Canada

More than 190 dogs have been rescued from dog-meat trade in South Korea. They're looking for homes in the US, Canada

The Humane Society International will transport the dogs to temporary shelters in the U.S and Canada for evaluation and necessary treatments.

An international organization came to the rescue of hundreds of dogs, who would have otherwise faced a disturbing end. According to People, Humane Society International saved about 196 dogs from being victims of the South Korean dog-meat trade. 

The organization rescued about 170 of them from a single dog-meat farm that was eventually closed down with the cooperation of the farmer. It became the 17th dog-meat farm to be shut down due to the efforts of the organization. Some of them were still pups barely able to walk without an adorable puppy wobble.

The other 26 dogs were those saved during previous rescue missions organized by the non-profit. However, the dogs were forced to remain in temporary shelter homes in South Korea due to the pandemic travel restrictions. 



The organization was motivated to carry out rescue missions after an opinion poll, commissioned by the non-profit and conducted by Nielsen, showed the rising support for the ban on dog-meat consumption.


"Although most people in South Korea don’t regularly eat dog meat, and support for a ban is growing, there remain thousands of farms of all sizes across the country where dogs of all breeds endure a harsh existence," said Kelly O’Meara, HSI’s vice president of companion animal campaigns. 


As per the poll results, 89 percent of people said they don't or won't eat dog meat. 59 percent stated they were supportive of a legislative ban on the trade.


"With fewer people wanting to eat dog, farmers can see the writing is on the wall for this dying industry and so they work with HSI to find a solution that gives both them and their remaining dogs a chance of a new life," said O’Meara. She added, "With such interest from dog farmers, and public support, we hope the Korean government will adopt this type of approach to phase out the dog meat industry for good."


One of the results of this trend is rescued dogs being transported to other countries. For instance, on 23 October 2020, many dogs were transported to the US. The dogs that include breeds like golden retrievers, a poodle, Korean Jindos, and Mastiffs, Pomeranians, terriers, and a Labrador are now waiting to be adopted by families.


In the meantime, the majority of the pups would be put into temporary shelter homes run by the Humane Society International and the Humane Society of the United States in Maryland. The rest of the dogs would be given shelter in a home run by the Humane Society of Canada in Montreal.


After reaching these shelters, the dogs would be evaluated and given veterinary treatments, if necessary. Later they will be moved to shelter partners across the country.  SPCA Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio); Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue (Reinholds, Pennsylvania); Humane Society of Calvert County (Sunderland, Maryland); Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (Fairfax Station, Virginia); Petey and Furends (Rockville, Maryland) are some of the organizations partnering with the HSI for the pooch project.

The organization updated the public through their Facebook book page with videos and pictures of the rescued dogs. Some of them have already reached their shelters and are being taken care of by the experts. 

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