5 divine signs you have a guardian angel who is watching over you

5 divine signs you have a guardian angel who is watching over you

Have you ever come across a sign or a message at a time when you thought there was no one for you? Well, may be there was someone for you all along the way.

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There come many phases in life when we feel that we have done everything in our power to make the present better. But what happens when the clouds of despair still don't seem to clear out? What happens when we think we have no one or nothing to help us? Many would say, we cling on to faith and hope.

Faith is something that holds our hand at a time when everything else seems to forsake our cause. For we know that the Almighty will not let our sufferings go in vain. And one of the universe's ways to let us know that we are not alone after all is through our guardian angels.

"Beware that you don't look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven, their angels are always in the presence of my Heavenly Father" (Matthew 18:10). This passage in the Holy Bible that shows that there are guardian angels who look after us through spiritual difficulties and it is their role to guide the realms of men.

So what are angelic signs?

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According to The Law Of Attraction, angelic signs are modes of communications from our divine guardian angels, who could be our departed loved ones. While there are many opinions as to who actually these beings are, most agree that they are beings of pure love who give us messages to help us find our true path in life.

They may not directly influence our lives but they offer insights and guidance when we struggle to deal with an obstacle or make an important decision. Also, these insights are unique because the angels are believed to know our most private thoughts. This means, not even your closest one could provide you the guidance they can.

Interestingly, these signs could be very subtle and easy to miss, therefore, here is a list of common angelic signs and what they mean.

1. Rainbow

One of the most prominent signs from the universe is a rainbow. If there is a sudden appearance of a rainbow in front of you, near your home or place of work on a regular day, it might mean that a guardian angel is watching over you. Perhaps they are trying to let you know that better days are on the horizon and you are not alone through these trying times. It can also mean that they are trying to direct you to a place that you have earlier visited. Maybe you can find some much-needed answers there.

2. White feather

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If you happen to come across a white feather or feathers in an unexpected time or place, it a major sign of the presence of guardian angels. White feathers are associated with winged angels and therefore, it is easy to comprehend their purpose. The winged angels use feathers of all sizes and shapes to let you know that they are walking with you and even when you don't notice, you are being taken care of. It is their gentle way of letting you know that answers to the questions you've been asking will soon be found.

3. Dreams

When we are sleeping, our minds are subconsciously open to receiving messages from the universe and thus, dreams are a common way for guardian angels to communicate with us. When you have one dream, again and again, it might mean that your divine angel is trying to convey a particular message to you, if you can't decipher it, you can start maintaining a dream diary and pay more attention and thought to them.

4. Butterflies

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Considered as pure souls and carriers of happiness, butterflies have always lured human beings. It is said that the departed souls of our loved ones connect with us through butterflies. Also, it is believed our guardian angels contact us through butterflies and direct us to answers. So when you see butterflies hovering over you or directing you somewhere it could mean that an angel is near you.

5. Angelic numbers

Repeating sequences of numbers such as 1111, 777, 1234 and 0101 are the universe's way to send significant signals to you. When you come across recurring numbers and patters it may not be a coincidence but a sign from the universe. These can mean various things. While some numbers indicate you need to have faith in yourself and remain strong, others can let you know about an unfortunate incident that is about to happen, or even be a sign of things you need to avoid, while other sequences might convey a piece of good news. Angelic numbers are the universe's way if telling us that we are being watched over.