6YO boy survives after he was run over by 18,000-pound bulldozer: "The strongest little boy in the world"

6YO boy survives after he was run over by 18,000-pound bulldozer: "The strongest little boy in the world"

Bodie Boring from Texas miraculously survived a potentially deadly situation.

A little boy from Texas miraculously survived after he was run over by an 18,000-pound bulldozer on July 27. 6-year-old Bodie Boring was with his dad at a job site when the terrifying incident took place. His mother wrote on Facebook that Bodie told her "mommy I knew when I saw that blade about to hit me that I was gonna die." She continued: honestly, I screamed all the way to Temple begging God not to take my baby, to the point where I had a seizure from the panic. I held onto my little brother both of us crying saying "he's gotta be ok, there's no other option, he's got to be ok" Folks, I'm gonna tell you one thing... If you don't believe in God Bodie is proof right here. I know for a fact God had a hand in saving my baby. 


The young child managed to survive the terrifying ordeal but not without injuries. Bodie is currently recovering from fractures in his pelvic bone, two bruised lungs, a skull fracture, a blood clot in his brain, and a brain bleed according to CBS affiliate KBTX. He was also recently diagnosed with COVID-19. The good news is that within 4 days, he managed to start walking again. His mother also posted a recent update saying it's likely he will leave the hospital soon. "Although it is scary with him still having the blood clot they said they will still monitor him closely with frequent follow-ups & imaging so that give me a little comfort," she wrote in a post shared on Thursday. The family also shared a video of the youngster's progress as he walked inside his hospital room. 


“He has amazed me so much,” Samantha told the news station. “His spirit has been so positive this whole time. Even in his worse pain, he’s just been amazing.” The proud mom is aware that the journey to recovery won't be easy but she knows she's raised a tough little boy and remains positive. “This is a miracle, and there’s only one explanation as to why he’s still here and I truly believe that that’s God,” Samantha said. Bodie’s cousin Magen Boring set up a GoFundMe for the family to help with medical expenses and so far it has raised over $50,000 at the time of this publication. The page described the youngster as "the strongest little boy in the world" who "is pushing through but he has a long road to recovery." Little Bodie is grateful for all the love around him. “He’s just also been really amazed to see everybody who cares about him and how many people are praying for him,” Magen said. “There are people in other states that this story has reached, and they’ve even said ‘we’ve heard about this and we’re praying’ and so that’s just been phenomenal.”


Cover Image Source: GoFundMe

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