7-month-old kitten has plastic buttons sewn to his face after vicious dog attack and it saved his life

7-month-old kitten has plastic buttons sewn to his face after vicious dog attack and it saved his life

Veterinarians quickly had to come up with a way to save the young kitten and this was their best option.

7-month-old kitten named Juicebox was left on the brink of death after being attacked by his family's dog. But some intelligent veterinarians managed to get creative with a handful of plastic buttons and gave Juicebox a new lease of life.

Little Juicebox had been fooling around with his canine sibling when playtime got out of hand and soon turned violent, according to CNN. He was then taken to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston with a broken jaw as well as serious facial lacerations.


That was when the veterinarians there came up with an innovative way to stitch up the feline and all it took was four colorful buttons.


"The buttons are attached to wires on both sides of his cheeks. And the buttons hold the sutures in place. But they also hold the jaw in place, so it tracks while he heals," said Rob Halpin, spokesman for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. "It's a fairly novel procedure, and it works really well. And then you end up with a cat that looks adorable while he's healing."


After about of week of healing, the little furry friend will probably get his buttons removed and Halpin says that he is already revealing his quirky and playful nature to his foster family. "He's very social. He's very confident. And you know, he acts no worse for wear," he said. "Younger animals tend to heal a little bit quicker, just like younger humans do."


Given the situation that caused the cat's unusual situation, he will need to find a new dog-free forever family once he has healed. So far, more than 150 families have expressed their interest in giving him his forever home.


Unfortuntely, such cases of dogs attacking cats are not entirely uncommon. While many cats and dogs do get along in the same family, there have been some instances of similar attacks. According to Foothills Animal Shelter, a tiny 10-day-old kitten had been brought to the shelter after a dog attack on his littermates left him as only one of two survivors. Though the baby feline required one leg to be amputated, he flourished in his new environment and even found a forever home.

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