Adorable dog is now recovering from violent attack after being stabbed 29 times: "The boy won't give up"

Adorable dog is now recovering from violent attack after being stabbed 29 times: "The boy won't give up"

"He's brave and he's stubborn," said officer Gwen Kingsley who formed a bond with Gucci while he was at the shelter.

Trigger Warning: This story contains details of animal abuse that may be disturbing to readers. 

Some people don't deserve to experience the love and affection a dog has to offer. A 6-year-old bull terrier is on the road to recovery after he was stabbed 29 times, allegedly by his former owner, late last year, according to PEOPLE. The tough nut, called Gucci, has been under the custody of Doña Ana County Animal Control in Mexico, since the gruesome incident, but has now been moved to a rehabilitation center in Texas. 


Officials decided to move Gucci to Bayou Animal Services because the rescue can actually assist Gucci in a one-on-one program that will help him fully recover from his attack, especially since they're specialists at taking care of bull terriers. "Animal control officer Gwyneth Kingsley, through an animal control officers' network, located an animal services organization with a licensed behaviorist on staff," said Mary Lou Ward, a Doña Ana County Animal Control supervisor, per ABC7. "With the trauma Gucci experienced, he requires more specialized, focused care for his recovery." 


Gucci's physical wounds have healed post the attack, but it has left him with aggressive tendencies, especially towards men. Now, since Bayou Animal Services has an all-female team, it'll help Gucci with his aggression as well. Nadine Perez, the company's licensed behaviorist, will foster Gucci, and during that time, she will observe him, so she knows what kind of training and care the dog needs to safely overcome his fears so he can develop trust in humans once again.

Once Gucci is more comfortable around people, the organization will start looking out for his forever home. The thing is, Gucci really has a lot of love to offer, and the friendship he formed with control officer Gwen Kingsley during his stay at Doña Ana County Animal Control is an example. Before leaving for Bayou, Gucci and Kingsley said their goodbyes.


"He's brave and he's stubborn. The boy won't give up and that's what makes him a miracle, not his injuries healing, but his sheer will to survive everything," Kingsley said. "I'll be sad to see him go. However, we've connected Gucci to the best behavioral experts he truly needs after the brutality that was inflicted upon him." Hopefully, Gucci finds himself a forever home that will treat him with love and kindness and never get tired of giving him countless belly rubs. That's the least he deserves. 

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