Woman wakes up to find an incredible albino buck in her backyard: "His Majesty just strolled through our backyard"

Woman wakes up to find an incredible albino buck in her backyard: "His Majesty just strolled through our backyard"

The woman believes she has seen the same albino buck before.

A beautiful albino buck became a hit on the internet after strolling into the backyard of Tracy Weese in Boulder Junction, Wisconsin.

"His Majesty just strolled through our backyard," Tracy wrote on Facebook as she shared pictures of the albino buck.

While speaking to WJAC, Tracy said that she has seen the same buck before, and believes this one is an albino and not a piebald. If it were a piebald, then one would notice a pattern of unpigmented spots on a pigmented background of hair, feathers, or scales on the animal's body.


The picture of the spectacular sight was also shared by Vilas County Sheriff's Office, and they wrote on Facebook, "An incredible sight to see here in Vilas County, a beautiful albino buck! This majestic creature was spotted in the greater Boulder Junction area."

The Vilas County Sheriff's Office's post of the magnificent creature was shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook alone and a number of people were in awe of the albino buck.


It is illegal to hunt or shoot "all-white deer which is entirely white other than the hooves, tarsal glands, head and parts of the head," according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, as reported by WKOW.

In 2018, Tommy Tracy II was able to photograph a white deer around Charlottesville in Virginia, and he spoke about being able to capture the animal that sharply stood out from the background.

"It was startling to see something so purely white in a background of dark brown and especially in the evening. It really stood out," said Tommy, as reported by The Daily Progress. "I’ve seen white does twice and it’s always around Cherry Avenue and Highland Avenue."


Tommy added that it's not uncommon to see herds of deer around his neighborhood, but whenever he has seen a white deer, the animal is usually alone. Tommy joked and said, "They don’t seem to be part of any particular herd. It’s kind of a Rudolph situation, right down to the red nose."

The sight of a white deer standing a few feet away from you can be breathtaking. These creatures actually have their appearance as a result of genetic mutations. They also reportedly do not have high chances of surviving past adulthood because of their birth defects. These defects can include hunches backs, twisted spines, and even blindness.


Woven into century-old myths, white deer are widely loved, but also believed to be hampering the deer population.

"They are not a different or rare species, but they create an emotional attachment and human motivation that does not take into account what’s best for the deer population," said Ed Clark, president and co-founder of the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Talking about their unique appearance, Ed added, "They are an unusual sight because they either have multiple physical problems and die early or because of predation. Protecting them would not be doing the deer population any good because it would pass the recessive genes into more herds."


Despite this, people still have a soft spot for white deer as Tommy, who spotted the albino deer in 2018, said, "They really are beautiful and there is something startling about them. They really attract your attention. Most things in nature don’t stand out like that."

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