Alec Baldwin calls the president a maniac, says, "bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave"

Alec Baldwin calls the president a maniac, says, "bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave"

The actor has blasted Donald Trump several times in the past and has compared his presidency to Hitler's reign.

The votes are in. The counting is done. And multiple news outlets have called it. America has elected its next president and yet, Donald Trump refuses to concede with grace. Instead, the reality show host turned US president continues to claim victory, as he did by tweeting, "I won the Election!" on Twitter.


While Trump still clings on to the idea of being in the White House for another term, actor Alec Baldwin joined in on the chatter against him and calling the president a "maniac."

"Bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave," wrote the actor, as reported by Independent. "The majority of Americans made the right choice. Trump is a maniac."

The 62-year-old actor who has skillfully played the role of Trump on Saturday Night Live has been quite vocal about his strong opinions against the president, and even previously compared his presidency to Hitler's reign in Germany.


"It’s official. The United States government is as lawless as the malignant dictatorships we’ve hated in our foreign policy since WWII," Baldwin tweeted in February, as reported by the Daily Mail. "Remember that fascistic thinking takes hold when a standard of living is threatened consistently. People think that things are changing, and downward for most Americans. And that this will become the new normal. They are wholly directed by $."

"You wonder how Hitler took control of a once great country. For those of you too young to recall the War or its aftermath, simply watch how this GOP-controlled Senate behaves. Their sniveling fealty and lack of courage. And you begin to get it."

With zero hesitation, Baldwin not only makes frequent attacks against Trump but also makes known his opinions about the people who support him.

Donald Trump speaks to the press during a news conference in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House on September 16, 2020. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Alex Wong)

"The desecration of those ideals and the near moral collapse of this country falls squarely in the lap of Trump’s supporters... as opposed to Trump himself, who is merely what psychology labels the 'objective negative function,'" the actor said in January. "Like fire, floods and earthquakes, it destroys, and only destroys, by its very nature. Without prejudice. It is Trump voters, particularly those who would re-elect him who bear the blame. For the undeniable and colossal destruction of everything that matters to us as Americans that cannot be merely monetized."

The 62-year-old actor has been extremely critical of Trump voters again in April, and was quoted by The Independent as saying, "Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal govt unrivaled by other Presidents. He fired huge numbers of govt professionals. He steamrolled the Congress, whenever possible. And now this. If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill."

Baldwin often parodies Trump on Saturday Night Live but he seemed to be okay with the prospect of no longer having to play the character on the show anymore. He wrote on Twitter, "I don’t believe I’ve ever been this overjoyed to lose a job before!"


Although some felt the same sentiment behind Baldwin's wish to "bury Trump in a Nazi graveyard and put a swastika on his grave," others on the internet felt irked by the use of a dark chapter in history to put across a political opinion.




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