Anderson Cooper in tears as he recalls the final days he spent with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt: "It was lovely"

Anderson Cooper in tears as he recalls the final days he spent with his mother Gloria Vanderbilt: "It was lovely"

Before her death, Cooper was able to tell her that he was going to be a father just like she had hoped.

When Anderson Cooper looks back at the moments he spent with his mother, he still fondly remembers the last couple of weeks he spent with her before she passed away in 2019.

While speaking at a recent "Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen in Conversation" event, Cooper looked back at those final days with his mother and said, "We had an amazing last week or two together. We would just lay on her bed and hold hands," said the CNN anchor, as quoted by PEOPLE.

His mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 95.


"When she got the diagnosis... she paused for a long time," Cooper went on to say. "She was like, 'Is it treatable?' And [the doctor] said, 'Look, you can go through treatments, but it's like a miracle moonshot if it has any impact, and you're going to be in a hospital.' And she was like, 'No, of course not.' And then she paused for a long time and she said, 'Well, it's like that old song. Show me the way to get out of this world, because that's where everything is,' which is an old Peggy Lee song."

Later, Cooper was able to find a video of Peggy Lee performing the very same song at a nightclub and showed it to his mother.

"...She was like, 'Oh, that's marvelous,' which was a big word my mom liked. And it became this thing that we would look at, this Peggy Lee video of her singing 'Is That All There Is,' like, once or twice a day," Cooper said through tears. "And then she started to sing along to it and I would start to sing along. And then we had this great moment where she was holding my hand while we were listening to the song and it was like we were dancing. And it was lovely."


As he gushed about his mother on previous occasions, Cooper said he had a very unique relationship with his mother. She even insisted on carrying his baby for him when she was in her mid-80s.

"I could still bear a child," Vanderbilt excitedly told Cooper after she returned one day from her gynecologist at the time.


Cooper first thought his mother wanted to have a child of her own. "I’m sitting there and I’m thinking, ‘OK, don’t be negative, but how do I convince my 85-year-old mom not to have a child right now?’” he recalled while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, according to TODAY.

Vanderbilt then explained that she wanted to carry the child for him. "She says to me, ‘Honey, I’m not talking about having a child of my own. I mean, that’s crazy. I’m 85,’” Cooper continued. "She’s like, ‘Well, you know you can get an egg anywhere nowadays.’ I was like, ‘Uh-huh.’ She’s like, ‘Well, what I was thinking is you get an egg and, you know, fertilize it with your sperm and I’ll carry your child."

Stunned by her offer, "I finally said to her, ‘You know, Mom, I love you, but even for you, that is just bat---- crazy. That’s just nuts," Cooper said.


Before his mother passed away in 2019, Cooper was able to tell Vanderbilt that he was finally going to be a father just like she had hoped.

"I was able to tell her shortly before she died that I was going to have a baby," Cooper said on Live With Kelly and Ryan, as quoted by The Hollywood Reporter. "...Wyatt hadn’t been created at that point. Wyatt wasn’t actually a being at that point. But he was an idea in my head and I was in the process of it."


If Vanderbilt had her way, she would have carried Cooper's baby for him. But things eventually worked out, and Cooper is now a happy father to his adorable little boy, Wyatt.

Cover image source: (L) Anderson Cooper/Instagram and (R) Getty Images | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

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