Cancer-stricken elderly man breaks down as he says his final goodbyes to his dogs

Cancer-stricken elderly man breaks down as he says his final goodbyes to his dogs

The trio was living happily until the grandpa was diagnosed with cancer.

In a heartwrenching moment, an elderly man got the opportunity to say his final goodbyes to his beloved pets. For the elderly man, Arong and Asoon were not just pets but they were like his family. The grandfather spent years nurturing and raising them like he would his own children. As for the dogs their whole world revolved around their elderly human. Unfortunately, their bubble of happiness burst one day when the elderly man was diagnosed with cancer. 

Even as he kept getting weaker, the old man continued looking after Arong and Asoon in his haggard state. Then one day, the grandfather suffered a stroke and collapsed. He had to be rushed to the emergency room and doctors had more heartbreaking news. The old man did not have much time to live and but despite knowing that he barely had moments left in this world, all he could think about was the fate of his 2 beloved dogs. 


While grandpa spent his time at the hospital, his pets Arong and Asoon became consumed with anxiety having not seen their favorite human around. The two would cry and moan as if they knew their owner would not make it. This is when a kind neighbor took over to care for the dogs but the pooches remained inconsolable thinking about the ominous future.

As the elderly man, who was partially paralyzed, came to terms with his terminal illness he decided to do right by his furry children lamenting over being "incapable." Knowing he had just 2-3 years left to live, he wanted to make sure that his family was taken care of. Swearing to "not hurt them twice," the man entrusted his pets to an animal welfare group with the hope that they would live prosperously after his death.

Although it's rare, some people create such a tight bond with animals that they are all they can think of. Just take 70-year-old Peter Robson, a terminally ill man, for example. He had been bedridden for some time in a hospital in Scotland. This meant he could no longer meet his beloved border collie, Shep, as he was nearing his end after battling lung cancer for years, reports The Washington Post


However, even in his final hours, the only thought he had was of his pets. He did not want any comforts from his home, but to bid his friends, who have been by his side through everything, adieu. Seeing his determination to see them one last time, Robson's nurses instructed his relatives to get his pets to the hospital. Hours later, an emotional encounter unfolded at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee, Scotland.

His pets had arrived and as they neared his bed, Robson pulled off his oxygen mask to let his pets lick him. "When the dog came, he just broke down," said Ashley Stevens, one of Robson’s granddaughters. "He took his mask off to kiss him and stuff, and Shep was licking his face." Robson was able to spend about 30 to 45 minutes before his death. "He thought he would never see his dog again," said Stevens.

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