Baby boy declared brain-dead miraculously survives after being taken off life support

Baby boy declared brain-dead miraculously survives after being taken off life support

"He is a true and living miracle, defying all of the doctor's expectations," says mom Becki Crook who is just relieved to have him back.

A baby boy who was declared brain dead by doctors due to oxygen deprivation has left everyone astounded after miraculously recovering, reports Daily Mail. Kaleb Crook, now 15 months old, was given no chance of survival, and parents Becki, 30, and Phil Crook, 33, had said their final goodbyes to their 10-day old baby. But Kaleb was just not ready to depart. Despite having complex needs due to his critically damaged brain, the little boy managed to squeeze his mom's finger, giving her a ray of hope. 

"Kaleb gave my finger the faintest of squeezes and looked up at me as if to say "it's going to be okay Mummy!", said Becki. "And now, despite Kaleb's complex needs and severe brain injury, he loves to smile, especially when he hears his sister's voice." The mom, who gave birth to Kaleb at home noticed something wasn't right immediately. "Kaleb was delivered, but we quickly saw that he was pale, floppy, and not breathing."

Source: Rainbows Hospice

She rushed her newborn baby to the hospital where "he was put onto life support as soon as he arrived at the hospital, and doctors told me that there was minimal brain activity and that there was no hope for his future." The parents couldn't understand what had gone wrong with the pregnancy and were devastated when doctors told them they'd have to take the infant off life support.

"We had to prepare for end of life care at Rainbows Hospice after doctors told us that Kaleb had catastrophic brain damage and that he would most likely die imminently," said Becki.

They were told he would live only for a few minutes after, so both parents held onto him as tightly as they could, but little did they know a miracle awaited them. Against all odds, and a Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) Grade 3 diagnosis - severe, irreversible brain damage, Kaleb survived! He's now 15 months old and though the family still has no clarity on Kaleb's prognosis, they've decided to let go of the past and cherish what they have right in front of them.

Source: Rainbows Hospice

Now, he's about to celebrate his first Christmas with the family. "This is our new normal. This Christmas is a Christmas we never expected to have," said Becki. "Kaleb can now be with us, experiencing the joy of life, against the odds. Our hope is that Kaleb will experience happiness and peace, in whatever capacity he is capable of. We want him to know how loved he is." The brave boy is all set to celebrate the holiday season with his parents and older sister Eden, now four.

"No one knows what the future holds for Kaleb but at the moment he's choosing 'life' every day and defying the odds," said Becki. "We had no idea we'd still have him with us today, he has astounded everyone he's met. He is a true and living miracle, defying all of the doctor's expectations." The family is still looking for support until they can find a permanent solution to Kaleb's condition. You can donate here if you'd like to help the Crooks out. Alternatively, you can click here to help.

Source: Just Giving fundraiser

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