You haven't "mastered" the art of barbecuing until you have reached this age, reveals poll

You haven't "mastered" the art of barbecuing until you have reached this age, reveals poll

You may have been firing up the grill for years but here's what really tells whether you can handle your barbecue pit or not.

Some would agree that barbecuing your ingredients to perfection is nothing short of an art. Standing next to your charcoal grill with a pair of tongs in one hand, a spatula in the other hand, and a bead of sweat on your brow might make many feel like experts, but NOT everyone gets it right. Most of us can remember our first burgers that were crisped to a burned black or those times you were so eager to flip your meat before it's even had enough time to caramelize because you just couldn't wait and leave the piece of meat alone.

Practice makes perfect and it holds good for "mastering" the art of grilling. A survey found the right age where people finally reach a point where they can handle the coal with prowess and proudly serve up their Sunday special barbecues.

The poll, which analyzed responses from around 1,000 adults, determined the right age at which people could successfully grill sausages and be sure that the middle was not raw, properly cook a burger without turning it into the same color as their coal, and toast up a delicious veggie kebab that's an absolute delight to bite into. And the poll results showed that people believed a person could do all of the above at the age of 38.

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The respondents believed that there are certain criteria that a person has to meet to be able to say that they can successfully handle their barbecue pits. Having the correct utensils is one of the important points in the master-griller checklist. Ensuring that food does not drop onto the coals was another and staying calm under pressure was also necessary to earn the title, according to Independent.

Answers from the poll also revealed that people usually host their very first barbecue when they are 32 years old. This is also typically the age where they would have installed the right set up in their homes or have the right space for it.

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If you're wondering what the other signs of being a master of the barbecue might be, they include knowing exactly where on the grill you should place different kinds of meat and veggies, having your coal ready, and maintaining the heat just right as your guests arrive, according to The i Paper. Offering your guests a grill menu that includes items other than burgers and hotdogs is also a sign of being a grill master.

When major sporting events take place, you might be the one to take the lead in firing up the bad boys and barbecuing the meat while your friends and family mostly keep their eyes on the game. And those who have mastered barbecuing like it this way, according to the poll. 

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The survey took place in the UK and was initiated by B&Q before the "super Sunday" in 2019 when the F1 British Grand Prix, Wimbledon men’s final, and the Cricket World Cup fell on the very same day. Sporting events set the right tone to fire up the grill and nearly 40 percent of the survey's respondents believe that such events and barbecuing go "hand in hand."

Talking about how people would be trying to amp up their barbecue game for "super Sunday," the category manager for outdoor at B&Q, Christopher Ray, said, "This weekend is set to be one of the biggest of the year for barbecue action and we can see from the research that there will be a mix of confidence levels out there. Some people already feel like experts and others recognise they need to fine-tune their skills and get their hands on some more tools for the best results. With the right equipment, you can shave off a significant period of time in developing your barbecue mastery."

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