FVCK COVID is the one beer that will curse with you as you wash down the frustration of the pandemic

FVCK COVID is the one beer that will curse with you as you wash down the frustration of the pandemic

Cursing may not solve the problem but, hey, at least you will feel a little better, especially with a can of beer that curses with you.

Haven't you heard yet? There is a new beer in town that can say what is on your mind right now and out loud—FVCK COVID.

For weeks, we all stayed inside, didn't set foot in a pub, and haven't raised our glass with our favorite buddies as we do every Saturday night. For weeks, our behind was glued to the couch, and we have already made it through all the reruns and all the shows we could possibly binge on.

Now, you can wash down all that frustration with the FVCK COVID beer, which sets the tone for the times we are living in. As the Ale Asylum website says, this is a "great fvcking beer for these strange fvcking times."


Let's admit it. We're all a little stressed and frustrated right now. So why hold it all inside? When you feel like mellowing out, just grab one of these beers, scream, and shout the beer's name out loud before you chug it all down.

Also, in case you haven't guessed already, the "V" in the beer's name is meant to be pronounced as "U."


To bring you this fvcking awesome beer, Brew Pipeline, a platform between craft brewers and new markets, joined hands with Wisconsin’s Ale Asylum, according to Beverage Dynamics. And since two is always better than one, the beer comes in two styles—one is a Pilsner, 4% ABV, which is the original one, and the other is Hazy Pale Version 2.0, 5% ABV.

Otto Dilba, the co-founder of Ale Asylum, talked about how the pandemic led to the inception of the beer. "Never in my lifetime would I expect to witness something of this nature, let alone experience the sheer totality of each and every way this affects our staff, our families, and our community," said Dilba. "The name may not be subtle, but it succinctly captures exactly how all of us feel about this moment. Also, hoarders." You couldn't have said it better, mate.

Dilba also spoke about how the beer's name was all about providing a release to people. "It’s funny, I’ll be talking about the beer with someone, like taking an order on the phone, and they’ll call it ‘the F. COVID beer,'" Dilba said, according to Wisconsin State Journal. "It’s cathartic; go ahead and say it!"


When the pandemic broke out, Ale Asylum couldn't help their furloughed staff and the message on their can is as personal for them as it is for anyone body else drinking it.

Dilba said, "It’s just being brazenly honest. Rather than focusing on the helplessness that we’re all feeling, we thought, let’s share this anger and frustration in a lighthearted way, share in this camaraderie with the public."

The intention behind the beer is not to make profits out of a pandemic that has claimed so many lives. It was reported that Ale Asylum would be giving 100 percent of the profits that they get from selling the season's special beer to local workers, whose lives are most affected by the pandemic. "Our focus is on both the hospitality industry and front-line healthcare workers, and we want the impact to be meaningful to the Madison community," said Hathaway Terry-Pogue, partner and promotions manager.


On Facebook, Ale Asylum wrote on May 20, "Today marks our 14-year anniversary and in lieu of a celebration, we’d like to share some 'feel-good news' with you. When we released FVCK COVID Pilsner, we announced that 100% of the profit would be donated to local frontline healthcare and hospitality workers affected by COVID-19. We’ve chosen UW Health’s COVID-19 Response Fund ( https://bit.ly/2ACcU38) and Kessenich's S.O.S. Fund (https://bit.ly/2Zl0Cqs) for our donations. Thank you for helping us support our community by purchasing this beer!"

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