The Durango Brew Train is back to take you on a splendid ride through Colorado with endless supply of craft beer

The Durango Brew Train is back to take you on a splendid ride through Colorado with endless supply of craft beer

This right here is certainly no ordinary ride. It's got music, it's got panoramic views, and it's got lots of beer. So it's pretty much everything you like most packed in one ride.

If there's one thing that can make an ice cold beer taste even better, it is great company and a splendid view. Think sprawling landscape and splendid mountains. And the Durango Brew Train offers just that. You get to enjoy impressive views while enjoying fantastic brews as the train chugs through the scenic landscape of Colorado.

The Brew Train journey kicks off in Durango and makes its way through the breathtaking ridges. The route runs along the Animas River, where on the other side of your window you will find some of Colorado's best sights sprawling from left to right.



When you are on the Durango Brew Train, the words 'taste the adventure' make perfect sense. The train ride is both, a visual treat and what might as well be described as a divinely experience for the beer lover's palate. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride while brewers from Colorado walk through the train cars to make sure you never have an empty glass in your hand.

"On board these diesel-powered trains, knowledgeable Colorado craft brewers will introduce you to a light sampling of their fine ales and educate you about the process required for crafting each one," reads The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad website, describing their Summer Rockwood Brew Trains.


And if you want more than just to drink beer while taking in the insanely beautiful views, you can also learn more about the brew in your hand. On the Fall Durango Brew Trains, you can taste the best from different breweries and learn the story of each of them. You will also get to know the history and the special brewing process that these breweries have.

The train may be on the move but you won't have to worry about running out of beer. "The breweries are very liberal with their pours, too," Christian Robbins, the marketing director told Thrillist.

Talking about the train's journey, Christian added, "We start here in Durango like our normal train ride would. On your way [to Cascade Canyon in the San Juan National Forest] you see gorgeous views. The highline is one of the peak moments because it's jaw-dropping. You could just look out the train, and there's this huge 500-foot cliff down to the river you're looking over."


Sounds exciting, right? Of course it does. And it only gets better as the local brewers serve up a delicious mix of craft brews to you right at your seat.

To make sure you have an experience you won't forget, you will also have live music and lots of delicious food that will be waiting for you when you step off the train at Cascade Canyon. Don't even ask if there will be more beer there because the answer is an absolute yes.


"When you get to Cascade, the train stops and lets everyone off in a forest-y grove," Christian went to say. "It's the middle of the forest. You're not near anything except our tracks. Prior to that train arriving, we've already hauled up the caterers, the food, and the musicians."

When the train is making the return trip back, you will be served coffee and dessert to round things off.

While the fear of COVID-19 is understandably still there in some measure, the Brew Train is back in business with appropriate precautions. On June 26, 2020, Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad wrote on their Facebook page that they are back with tickets for more of their spectacular journeys.


"Friends, the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is officially open again as of today, and now offering round-trip excursions via steam and diesel locomotives out of its Rockwood depot to Cascade Canyon Tuesday through Saturday," they wrote. "Obviously, we are incredibly excited to be operating once again, and thrilled to be welcoming all of our wonderful guests back to Durango for these beautiful, scenic trips. Hooray!"



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