Beth Chapman's last words reveal how devoted a mom and wife she was to her family

Beth Chapman's last words reveal how devoted a mom and wife she was to her family

Beth Chapman's death was unexpected to the family though her condition was critical.

Beth Chapman passed away on 26th June 2019, surrounded by her beloved family. The news of her death was heartbreaking to everyone who knew and loved her deeply. Her husband, Duane "Dog" Chapman addressed the media soon after the tragic event and said his wife had "hiked the stairway to heaven." Later, the reality star revealed Beth's last few words. 

According to Hawaii News Now, he said, "When she had an attack I didn’t know anything to do but to say ‘in Jesus’ name’ and hold her and when I said ‘in Jesus’ name’ she said, ‘Say it again, say it more.'" He continued, “And then she told the girls and everybody, with her mouth — she came out of it a couple of times — ‘I love you’ and ‘Are you guys all okay? Don’t worry,’ but she never accepted it."


Even when Beth knew her time was near, the considerate wife and mother was worried about the welfare of her loved ones. Beth had been battling throat cancer since 2017, but her family was not ready to bid farewell to her at the time of her death. Speaking to the reporters, Duane called her loss "unexpected." He added, “It’s terrible, the most terrible time in someone’s life. You kind of try to remember that you’re celebrating life, but right now we’re mourning the death, so it’s not good...The cancer gig, of course, we’ve gotta find a cure....because all we have now is some get lucky, but most pass away," according to Hawaii News Now.

Further, he recalled the unflinching confidence and fight she put up while she struggled through the agony of her deadly illness.  “She did it her way. There’s some things that they predicted that the doctors ended up saying, ‘We’ve never, ever, seen anything like this'. Her way was to live. She wanted to live so bad and she fought so long, and the reason she fought, she liked life but she wanted to show people how to beat it and what to do when it got her," said the reality star to the media. 


Besides, she made sure her husband did not feel empty due to her sudden death. In order to help him through her absence, Beth left notes around the house reminding him how much she loved him. She wanted Duane to know that he was not alone. “Beth was somewhat of a control person — not from the grave but from heaven,” he joked. “I’m sure she’s still controlling me and I’ve got notes in my pillowcases, on my sink, in my shaving thing. She’s still telling me what to wear," he added, according to Hawaii News Now.


Beth's loss has left her children in immense pain. Her daughter Bonnie stated that she never imagined losing her mother at 20. However, she stated that her mother knew she did not have enough time left.  "I told her I thought she had a couple years left, but in her eyes she disagreed," wrote the heartbroken daughter on Twitter. "So thankful I got your beautiful smile," added Bonnie in another Tweet. 

Further, she thanked her mother for being the epitome of strength in her life. "I’ll never forget you, mama. You were such a strong woman, and you taught me to always be strong. You were strong for everyone, and you taught me it’s okay to let go."  Beth's daughter Lyssa too shared her grief. 


Meanwhile, the daughters came to defend their mother's honor when few came up with negative remarks upon her death. 

On 29th June 2019, the family, friends, and fans gathered on the beach in Honolulu for a memorial service. They honored her life and paid respects to her in Hawaiian style during the event, according to USA Today. Since her death, Duane went through a lot of emotional turmoil. However, he recently found love again and is engaged to Francie Frane.

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