Little boy comforts his baby sister in the hospital by singing to her

Little boy comforts his baby sister in the hospital by singing to her

It was sad and scary for the family to see the baby in the hospital, but moments like these touched the hearts of everyone around.

For a little boy, the gush of love he felt for his baby sister began right from the moment she was placed in his tiny arms for the first time.

The boy named Emerson got to meet his baby sister, Isla, earlier than expected because she was born prematurely. Isla arrived eight weeks before the due date, and this meant she had to spend the first leg of her life in the NICU.

During this time, Emerson and his parents would visit her and spend as much time they could bonding with the tiniest member of their family.

"Little Isla was born January 2017 - eight weeks premature. She spent 5 weeks in the NICU and Special care nursery," said Yana Hunt, who witnessed the family's interactions with the newborn baby. "It was a very scary/sad time for her parents and their then-three-year-old son, Emerson."

Despite the difficult situation, the family made the most of the time they could have with baby Isla in the NICU. "They would all fight to hold her," Hunt added, as quoted by Flipboard.

While Isla was in the NICU, Hunt was able to see a wonderful moment as Emerson held his baby sister in his arms. She found Emerson singing to her and filmed a heartwarming video of the toddler serenading the newborn.

"Emerson loved her from the second he found out he would be a big brother," Hunt said, as quoted by Mom.com. "Every day, he would hold her, sing to her, and read her books."


Years after her birth, Emerson is still a doting brother to Isla, and they share an unbreakable connection. "...He still does it!" Hunt shared. "These two have an amazing bond!"

A similar moment between a brother and his baby sister was shared by their mother, Corey Johnson.

Corey recorded a video of her son, Kashton, gazing wide-eyed at his sister, Ellis, and singing to her, according to InspireMore. Up until then, Kashton could only see his sister through the plastic of an incubator crib because Ellis had to spend two months at the NICU. When she finally came home, Kashton found himself completely engulfed with affection for the little one as the barriers between them were finally gone.

"Although I selfishly keep beautiful moments like this off of Facebook and cherish them privately, today I accidentally captured one of the most amazing moments on video. I don’t just see a big brother loving his baby sister, I see the *beauty* of our story he refers to," Corey wrote on social media. "To know my 4 year old is able to feel deep emotion was breathtaking. His love and thankfulness for Ellis was almost palpable. This can only be described as true love..."


Corey believes her son teared up because he was so happy to finally see Ellis safe at home with the rest of the family. "I feel like my son was overcome with emotion because he could finally lay next to his baby sister and hold her hand," the mother added. "He had witnessed so much in those two months between myself and his sister. I can only imagine this was a moment of sweet relief that we were all together again."


Cover image source: WooGlobe/YouTube

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