Swan found with a sock pulled over its head as a result of a "mindless prank" that could have turned fatal

Swan found with a sock pulled over its head as a result of a "mindless prank" that could have turned fatal

The police believe the tightly pulled sock was intentionally put on by someone because of "how far down the neck the tube was."

A swan was saved from a slow and agonizing death after being found just in time with a sock pulled over its head. Considering the circumstances in which the swan was found, the police believe that someone intentionally pulled the sock over the bird's head because of the "snug fit" and because of "how far down the neck the tube was," according to BBC. On May 2, the swan was found in the Coulson Road area of Lincoln, UK. The sight of the helpless bird left rescuers appalled because the "mindless prank" could have led to the swan starving or suffocating to death.

"The consequences of this mindless prank could have resulted in this poor swan suffering over a long period of time and ultimately ended in their death," said Kate Burris from RSPCA. RSPCA is a non-profit organization that is working with the Lincolnshire Police to ensure that whoever is responsible for the senseless act does not get away with it, according to a report released by the Lincolnshire Police.


"Given that this is the breeding and nesting season at the moment this could have also resulted in suffering and sadly death for any dependent offspring," Kate added. "We would urge anyone who has any information as to who may have done this to this poor swan. We would urge them to call the police on 101 or contact us on the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999."

The police also made it clear that such a callous act would not be overlooked. PC Llewellyn, investigating officer, said: "Any type of animal cruelty will not be tolerated and we will carry out a full investigation into this incident. We work with wildlife organizations who report these incidents to us so we can investigate."

Talking about how they came to believe the sock was intentionally placed on the defenseless bird's head, the investigating officer went on to say: "We believe the item has been placed on Swan’s head intentionally due to how snug the fit was and how far down the neck of the swan the tube was. We do not believe that this was accidental. Had the Swan rescue not intervened, the Swan would have either starved or potentially suffocated."




Urging people to come forward with any information they might have, PC Llewellyn added, "We would like to hear from anyone who can assist us with our investigation or anyone who may have seen anyone around the swan in the water in the days leading up to May 2."

People who read about the swan's plight on Twitter condemned the actions of the cruel pranksters.

"Poor creature. Very surprised someone was able to do this. Appalled that they have," wrote Paul Murphy while Helen Thompson wrote, "The poor thing, I hope they find who did this. What is wrong with these people? I never tire of seeing the Swans on the Brayford. Why cant people just take pleasure in seeing them and leave them be!"

Cover image source: Lincolnshire Police/Twitter

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