10 absolutely bizarre jean trends that will leave you scratching your head

10 absolutely bizarre jean trends that will leave you scratching your head

There is fashion that inspires and there is this.

Who knew that a pair of jeans, which had a rather humble beginning, would go on to become a symbol of workers and resistance before turning into a fashion statement that will never go out of style? In 1873, a worker walked into the tiny store of a tailor and asked for a pair of "sturdy" pants that will withstand hard labor. Jacob David used the demon fabric invented by Levi Strauss, and together they made the first pair of "jeans," named after the city of Genoa in Italy, according to History of Jeans. 

Fast forward a century or so, and the new generation has come up with bizarre reasons to make the jeans as less practical and wearable as possible. Don't believe us? Take a look at these strange pieces of clothing that claim to make a fashion statement—one that makes us wonder "who would have thunk!"

1. Meat-knee jeans

Yup, someone came up with the idea, someone else thought it was a great idea, and a bunch of marketers had it selling to buyers proud of their rather raw style statement.


2. Jockstrap jeans

We can't fathom why this could become a trend, and for some odd reason makes us think of Joey doing lunges in all of Chandler's clothes.

Just look at it: There is pink denim (Yay for the color!), followed by a jockstrap (Um, what?), which is then covered by a layer of plastic jeans (Okay, then).



3. Double jeans

Want to mess around with folks walking down the street? Try these.


4. Bare-butt jeans

You gotta give it to the inventors (Levis Strauss) to come up with this. In a mood to show off your butt? Go ahead. Your mood just changed before you crossed the road? Zip it back up.


5. Dancing denim

The seventies sure knew how to prioritize discos over daily life. The caption says it all.



6. Melting jeans

Want to break up with a needy guy and don't know how? Wear these when you go to meet your parents, with Harley-Quin-style double ponies, and the job's done.


7. Plastic jeans

'Cuz we all need to be environment friendly, remember?


8. Denim boots

No time to wear your jeans and your boots? This is just what you need.


9. Pantashoes

Knee-boots don't work for winters, you say? Well, we are ALL about practicality. đŸ™„ Here are pantashoes to the rescue.


10. Clear-knee jeans

Of course, the guy who invented this knows that it is every woman's dream to show off her dry, winter knees.


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