"Blind" Girl With Incurable Disease "Cured Herself" And Is Now At The Top Of Her Class

"Blind" Girl With Incurable Disease "Cured Herself" And Is Now At The Top Of Her Class

7-year-old Evie-Mae Geurts was only 8 months old when she was diagnosed with hydrocephalus.

An English girl has shocked doctors after she regained her sight and "cured herself" of what is usually a life-long brain condition. Evie-Mae Geurts was diagnosed as blind when she was just a few months old. Sometime later, doctors noticed that her head started to swell. Her mother, Amy Geurts, demanded answers from the doctors wondering what was happening to her baby girl. Finally, after running tests, the infant who was just 8 months old received a diagnosis of hydrocephalus, which is a build-up of fluid in the ventricles deep within the brain. This meant that the pressure inside her head was 32 times the normal level, reports Newsweek.



The continued pressure meant that her sense of sight was gone forever. Doctors even said it was unlikely that she would ever learn to walk and talk. Her medical journey hasn't been easy. She's had a series of brain operations including shunts fitted and needles poked through her skull. But now, not only can the 7-year-old walk and talk with ease, but she has also regained her sense of sight!  "They cannot believe it," said proud mother Amy Geurts according to Good News Network. "Evie is phenomenal. We are so proud of her. She is an amazing little girl, and so brave." 



Hydrocephalus is a life-long condition that can't be cured and requires shunts to drain fluid from the brain for the rest of the patient's life. Now the 7-year-old doesn't even need glasses and she's at the top of her class. "The doctors admitted because of a delay in diagnosis, they weren't sure what would happen. They didn't know if she'd ever be able to see or walk or talk. Now, she's living shunt free, talking, walking and she's ahead of her age in learning. They can't understand - she was globally delayed and now all of a sudden, she's very forward." Strangely, her hydrocephalus even disappeared last year!



The young girl still gets her eyes tested every six months but doctors continue to be amazed by her.  When the youngster had to undergo surgery to remove the shunts she no longer used, Evie-Mae had to get her head shaved.  "They can't believe it. They had to shave her hair back to access the devices so she refers to herself as Rapunzel. In the hairdressers, they told her she'd been brave and she said just like Eugene cuts Rapunzel's hair to save her in Tangled, the doctors cut my hair off to save me. Evie is phenomenal," said her mom, beaming. 




Representational Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Tatiana Kolesnikova

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