"Terrified" 5-year-old boy hides in the bathroom as armed robbers raid his home

"Terrified" 5-year-old boy hides in the bathroom as armed robbers raid his home

The burglars robbed the family of £500 and a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers worth £380.

In a heart-stopping moment, a 5-year-old boy had to hide in the bathroom as an armed gang broke into his home demanding money. The youngster was happily playing in the kitchen with his mother's partner when the distressing raid occurred. When the group entered the home, the pair dashed upstairs and barricaded themselves in the bathroom, reports Manchester Evening News. Unfortunately, the thugs managed to open the door using force before dragging the man out into the bedroom. Once there, the robbers who were armed with a hammer and a machete coerced the adult into handing them a stash of cash and fled the scene there after. The ordeal has left the little boy terrorized since, the Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

One of the raiders who forced their way into the family's property was identified as Charlie Wallbank, reports Mirror. Then 17-year-old from Blackley, Manchester, was apprehended after his blood was found in the house which was left as he used a hammer to smash a window. He has now been jailed for five years and eight months. Wallbank was with two other perpetrators when they broke into the house situated in the town's Dicky Bird estate, on February 17 last year. The child's mother was out when he and his mom's partner heard a smash followed by a glimpse of a hammer coming through a glass panel of the kitchen door. 


The man picked up the little boy and darted upstairs but the thugs managed to force him out at around 9:45 p.m. The pair remembers seeing two men, who were wearing balaclavas, with one of them shouting "what have you got?" and "give us the money." At this point, the adult replied, "There's a kid in here, what do you want?" and one burglar swung a hammer and hit the side of his head. The other one, who had a machete, continued his demands for cash. When he told them there was some money in a bedroom drawer, one intruder dragged him into the room and pushed him into some drawers. 

They robbed the family of £500 and a pair of Alexander McQueen trainers worth £380. Shortly after they left, the man called his partner "shouting and screaming" about the traumatic incident. Thankfully no one was hurt physically but it was revealed that the young boy was left traumatized. "The child who had witnessed all of this was clearly distressed, terrified," noted Judge John Potter. Eventually, Wallbank admitted to aggravated burglary after noting that he had been homeless at the time. Apparently, he also had a huge drug debt to pay off, and to do so he had to take part in the crime. Wallbank also noted that he was not aware that there was a child in the house before broke in. His lawyer, Mark Friend, said that the now-19-year-old was extremely remorseful for his actions before revealing that he suffered from ADHD as a child and that he had a "chaotic" upbringing.

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