Kentucky bride shares horrifying clip of husband after his drink was spiked on their wedding day

Kentucky bride shares horrifying clip of husband after his drink was spiked on their wedding day

Bride Brandy shared the video in the hopes of raising awareness surrounding the fatal consequences of alcoholic drinks being spiked with Adderall.

A bride in Kentucky has shared shocking footage of her husband's state after his drink was spiked with copious amounts of Adderall during the ceremony. The Richmond woman, who goes by the name Brandy, revealed that her husband Billy was left in tears as he stumbled and kept slurring his words after a guest at their wedding slipped him the drugs without his knowledge. 

Sharing a series of distressing clips shared on TikTok, Brandy wrote, "Sharing his emotional story of having his drink spiked with crushed Adderall to bring awareness to the fatal consequences." In the video, Billy could be seen dressed in his tux, standing outside the wedding venue. Meanwhile, Brandy can be seen trying to console the groom after he breaks down into tears, reports Daily Mail.

The man seems to be disoriented as he has trouble talking and even standing up straight. At the time when the video was taken, Brandy did not know what was wrong with her apartment. She assumed the high-temperature weather had gotten to him. "You're going to pass out, let's get you out of the heat," she tells him. "I can't, I'm sorry," he responds before crying inconsolably. 

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"His heart was racing, his brain was moving faster than he could form words," she wrote in the video. "He tried saying his vows to me but was unable to think. His emotions were heightened." She then took to the comment section and revealed that her partner was "sweating," "super red," and had a "dry mouth" as he went through "emotional ups and downs."

He was apparently "angry" and sometimes "confused" but "doesn't remember these moments." As he suffered from the excessive dose, his bride was "worried that he was going to have a stroke or heart attack." Brandy explained, "Many people intentionally combined alcohol and Adderall in order to party harder and longer. So they spike others drinks thinking they will be hype all night with them."

But noted that her groom was not aware that some of the drugs had been mixed in his drink as well. While Adderall is used to treat ADHD, when mixed with alcohol it can be dangerous. "Drinking too much can reduce your inhibitions. It can also lead to aggressive behavior. Adding Adderall to the mix can increase both these effects," reports Healthline.

Concluding the video, she explained that Billy underwent a drug test and that the venue was "extremely helpful with the investigation," according to Daily Mail. They also managed to narrow down the culprit and said they "dealt" with the situation as well.

Cover image source: TikTok | @brandy_billy

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