8-year-old boy hospitalized after being injured with pencil in alleged bullying incident

8-year-old boy hospitalized after being injured with pencil in alleged bullying incident

As a result, Carter Flores suffered a "Strep A infection and has had multiple surgeries."

An 8-year-old boy in California is left recovering in the hospital after an alleged bullying incident that the school district deemed as an "unfortunate accident." The incident happened when Carter Flores was at Corona Ranch Elementary School. He stood up to take a look at the whiteboard when his classmate allegedly took a pencil and place it straight up and "Carter kneeled directly onto" it, claims a GoFundMe page which has been created to raise money for the boy's medical expenses.

"The pencil penetrated to the knee bone—fracturing it & leaving a bacterial infection under the muscle," revealed the page. "When [Carter] came down on his knee, at some point, the little boy had the pencil in his hand and was holding it like this, and Carter's knee came directly onto it with force, and it was held still," explained his mother Madeline Flores. 

As a result, he suffered a "Strep A infection and has had multiple surgeries. Madeline told ABC7 that she wasn't even aware of his son's ailment until he began unusually lethargic. "The way we found out that Carter was very sick was because he was very lethargic. He spiked over 103 fever and he started throwing up," revealed the boy's mother.

Source: GoFundMe | Help Carter—Bullied at School

He was immediately rushed to Loma Linda Children's Hospital where doctors revealed that her son was battling an aggressive form of Strep A bacteria. Since then the second-grader has had to undergo two surgeries and the fluid drained from his knee.

His injuries were so severe that doctors told the boy's family that they may have had to amputate his leg if he was brought in 12 hours later than they did, reports Fox11. The family's lawyer Michael Jeandron is now working on getting them some answers. "We're taking a look at all the facts trying to figure out exactly who did what and when," Jeandron told ABC7. 

The lawyer said that the family claims that Carter's teacher was aware of him being bullied and even assured them that she would "keep the boys separated in class at all times," allegedly. "The problem was they didn't implement their own plan and they allowed Carter to be stabbed with a pencil by another student and now Carter is struggling to recover; to fight for his health and get better," explained Jeandron.



Meanwhile, the Corona-Norco Unified School District said it is "aware" of the alleged "bullying of a second-grade student at Corona Ranch Elementary where a student was injured on campus last week by falling onto a pencil" but has since ruled it an accident.

"After a thorough investigation of the students involved and several witnesses, it was determined to be an unfortunate accident," it said, adding that Carter was taken to the nurse's office "where his wound was cleaned, bandaged, and iced." Concluding the release, the district added, "In CNUSD, we take all allegations of bullying seriously and they are fully investigated, as we believe school should be a safe place for every student to learn and grow."

Cover image source: GoFundMe | Help Carter—Bullied at School

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