Cameron Diaz had to go through a "brutal" journey and wait for years before becoming a mother

Cameron Diaz had to go through a "brutal" journey and wait for years before becoming a mother

"There were some really tough times when she thought motherhood maybe just wasn’t in the cards for her."

Cameron Diaz had to go through a long and emotional journey before she could be a mother in her late 40s. Despite being healthy and having great doctors, she and her husband kept losing hope over having a child because her IVF treatment kept failing.

At one point, it seemed like they were going to have a child and even media reports started announcing that Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, would soon be parents. But that, too, fell through and the couple started to feel like having a child of their own was not destined for them. "There were some really tough times when she thought motherhood maybe just wasn’t in the cards for her, but she never gave up hope that someday she would become a mum," a source told In Touch, as quoted by Mirror.

When the new round of IVF didn't work, a source also said, "Cameron was super healthy, had the best doctors - and still, nothing. There were a lot of tears. Thank God for Benji, who was always very supportive. He didn’t care how they had a baby - he was determined to make Cameron a mum."


With the IVF treatment showing no signs of working, Diaz and Madden, the guitarist from Good Charlotte, decided to look at other options. From adoption to surrogacy, they considered everything because they never stopped dreaming of raising a family of their own.

"They were so locked into the idea of conceiving, but they ended up constantly crushed," a friend of the couple said. "Opening up to this possibility has lifted a weight off their shoulders. They’re ecstatic."

Having undergone IVF treatment and experiencing the "brutal" effects it had on her body, the source said, "[She] gained weight and her moods fluctuated wildly."

As they went over the different options they had of having a child, things took a turn that Diaz didn't expect. The actress was doing things "like working out and eating fertility-boosting foods, and she’s even resorted to scheduling sex," said an insider.


While they went through the option of surrogacy and adoption, the couple found out Diaz was pregnant and they couldn't have been happier.

At the start of 2020, Diaz put up a post on Instagram and announced the birth of her daughter, saying, "Happy New Year from the Maddens! We are so happy, blessed and grateful to begin this new decade by announcing the birth of our daughter, Raddix Madden. She has instantly captured our hearts and completed our family. While we are overjoyed to share this news, we also feel a strong instinct to protect our little one's privacy. So we won't be posting pictures or sharing any more details, other than the fact that she is really really cute!! Some would even say RAD."


A few months after welcoming their daughter into their life, Diaz said during an Instagram Live, "I love being a mother. It’s the best, best, best part of my life. I’m so, so grateful and so happy and it’s the best thing ever and I’m so lucky to get to do it with Benji and we’re just having the best time. It’s so great. I’m just thrilled," as quoted by People.

The actress also talked about how grateful she is to have Madden right beside her through the journey of raising their baby girl. Talking about quarantine life with a little baby in the house, Diaz said, "After we do bath time with our baby and we put her to sleep, Benji puts her to bed, he’s so good. He’s such an amazing father. I’m so lucky he’s my baby’s daddy. He’s so incredible. He puts her down and I go into the kitchen and I start dinner and I pour myself a nice glass of red wine. I start my cooking, I put on my show, whatever it is."


Proud husband and father Madden also posted on Instagram and expressed his love for the girls in his life and wrote, "My Wife and Daughter fill me up with so much gratitude. Every day, I feel so lucky. Just wanted to say it out loud!!!"

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