"Mommy’s dead and we’re looking for daddy’s house," kids out at night tell cops and lead them to their stabbed mum

"Mommy’s dead and we’re looking for daddy’s house," kids out at night tell cops and lead them to their stabbed mum

Cops found the children walking down the streets at around 3 am and asked them what they were doing out in the middle of the night.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of violence that might be distressing to some readers.

The sight of young children wandering out on the streets in the middle of the night is always a cause for concern. When three young boys were found walking through the streets of Texas at around 3 am, it led to police officers saving their mother from inside a blood-soaked apartment. On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, officers of the San Antonio Police Department bumped into the three boys, who were 8, 5, and 4 years old. The three boys were seen wandering around in the 1500 block of Upland Road, near East Houston Street.

When they were asked what they were doing out so late in the night, the boys told the officers something horrifying. They claimed they were looking around for their father's house because they thought their mother was dead.


"Mommy’s dead and we’re looking for daddy’s house," the boys said, as reported by The San Antonio Express-News, according to New York Post. "There’s blood everywhere," the kids reportedly added. The officers then drove to the apartment with the 8-year-old boy accompanying them to show them directions. On the other hand, the two younger boys were taken by the officers to a nearby gas station for snacks.

By around 4 am, the officers arrived at the Roseville apartment with help from the 8-year-old boy. Once they made it inside the second-floor apartment, the officers found blood in every single room, according to KSAT. They expected to find a lifeless body inside the house, considering how much blood was around the house. However, when they made their way to the bathroom, they found that the children's mother was still alive and was even able to talk to them.

Lying in the bathtub and bleeding, the mother was found to have suffered puncture wounds in her belly and her legs. She was soon rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive the brutal attack despite being in critical condition.


The police revealed that the woman was "in serious condition due to blood loss," as reported by Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Although she was rescued, the mother is reportedly being uncooperative about sharing details about the incident.

FOX 8 also reported that the police are investigating to find out whether the woman inflicted the wounds on herself. If not self-inflicted, the wounds would have been caused by the attacker using a long and sharp object.

No details were reported on how much of the disturbing incident was witnessed by the three children and whether they know the reason behind their mother's grave injuries.


Currently, investigations are underway by the San Antonio Police Department to find out what took place in the Roseville Apartments. The three young boys, were taken to their relatives' residence and are staying with them at the moment.

Cover image source: KSAT 12/YouTube

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