Sleeping couple narrowly escape speeding car that crashed through their roof into their bedroom

Sleeping couple narrowly escape speeding car that crashed through their roof into their bedroom

"I'd like a house in Malibu, not a Malibu in my house," one person commented on the photos shared by the fire department.

"How did somebody not die?" asked the fire department after a mind-boggling accident took place in Eureka, Missouri on Sunday, May 23. At around 1:30 am, a white Chevrolet Malibu crashed into a house located on Thorntree Lane. And it is truly a miracle that everyone involved in the accident lived to tell the tale without suffering a single injury. Two teenagers were reportedly inside the car and on their way back from a graduation party, according to PEOPLE. Suddenly, the car swerved off the road, crashed into a pine tree, and then rolled down a hill before hitting the home's wrought iron fence. The car then bulldozed into the house's roof and finally came to a stop inside the couple's bedroom.


Just 10 feet away from where the car stopped, the couple were fast asleep and woke up to find two teenagers and a Chevrolet Malibu right inside their room. The couple jumped out of bed and used a garden hose to put out a small fire that the crash caused, according to FOX 2 News. The teenagers inside the car were also eventually able to escape from the vehicle.


Two other boys were also in the house at the time of the crash, and they, too, survived without any injuries. "If you look at that crash it's like, how did somebody not die?" fire department's spokesperson, Scott Barthelmass said, as quoted by St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It's literally incredible. (The car was) literally just saucering through the air end-over-end."


The Eureka Fire Protection District posted pictures of the unusual crash on Facebook with the caption: "A very interesting call last night. Fortunately, no one was injured." It was also reported that alcohol was not a factor that played a role in the crash. However, the teenagers were driving at a high speed before crash-landing into the couple's bedroom and giving them a rude wake-up call.


Both the homeowners as well as the teenagers will be in touch with their insurance companies to financially recover from the damages caused by the accident. After pictures of the crash were shared on Facebook by the Eureka Fire Protection District, many reacted in awe and were glad everybody came out alive.

"No one was hurt... man the power of the seatbelt in this one," commented Rebecca Dalton.


"I’m glad everyone is safe and nobody was seriously hurt, but I need to know one thing........... who in the hell installed their fence? I’m like, holy sh*t (sorry about language) that’s a GREAT install/fence. I need a new fence and could use that contractor/type of fencing," said Johnny Skiles. "Post their credentials please..."

Courtney Cowart wrote on the post, "I'd like a house in Malibu, not a Malibu in my house."


Cover image source: Eureka Fire Protection District/Facebook

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