Ukrainian nurse, who lost both legs in war, shares moving first dance with husband: "Life should not be postponed"

Ukrainian nurse, who lost both legs in war, shares moving first dance with husband: "Life should not be postponed"

Oksana Balandin, 23, was injured in a landmine explosion. But she remained strong and managed to save her partner Viktor Vasyliv, who married her few weeks later.

Traditionally, the first dance between a newlywed couple is one of the most awaited moments for not only them but also for their guests. And groom Viktor Vasyliv made sure that his bride Oksana Balandina did not miss out on the beautiful exchange.

On Monday, the pair tied the knot at a hospital in Lviv, Ukraine. Vasiliev, who is 23 just like his wife, was seen holding Balandina in his arms as he danced with her in a moving moment just weeks after she lost both her legs in a landmine explosion in Ukraine. 


The Lviv Medical Association told Sky News, that Balandina sustained injuries in a landmine explosion on March 27 as she was walking "on a familiar path" to their home in Lysychansk. Despite being injuried, she warned her partner who was walking right behind her. Thanks to her vigilance even during those chaotic seconds Vasiliev was not harmed. 

"I only managed to shout to him [Vasyliv]: 'Honey, look!'" she told Reuters according to PEOPLE. A shocked Vasyliv recalled that he "did not know what to do" right after the explosion but his brave partner was able to work out their next steps. "If it was not for Oksana, I don't know what would have happened. She is so strong," noted Vasyliv.


Following the incident, Balandina had to undergo four operations where both of her legs as well as four fingers on her left hand had to be amputated. She was thankfully evacuated to Dnipro where she received the treatment and the required care. The couple then traveled to Lviv, situated 50 miles away from the Polish border, and got married in a civil ceremony at the Lviv Surgery Center on Monday.

Commenting on the pair's decision to get married, Lviv Medical Association told Sky News, "Life should not be postponed until later...in six years together [they had] never found time for marriage." But finally, they exchanged marital vows during a modest ceremony that was attended by patients and volunteers, reports LA Times

Thanks to the hospitals sharing the video of their first dance on social media, everyone around the world got the opportunity to witness their love. In the clip, Balandina could be seen donning a white dress along with a pink flower crown while holding on to her husband who holds her up in his arms and sways from side to side to side. As the dance comes to an end, the newlywed couple kisses each other as attendees clap and cheer them. 

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | USA TODAY

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