Crochet shorts for men are now in fashion | They are eco-friendly, with bright colors, loud patterns, and tassels

Crochet shorts for men are now in fashion | They are eco-friendly, with bright colors, loud patterns, and tassels

These shorts and trousers can be customized to your liking.

The kind of clothes you choose to wear speaks about your personality. If you are one of those fashion-forward people ready to break some stereotypes, you have to add the new crochet shorts and trousers to your wardrobe. These trendy trousers are unlike the usual ones made for men. With bright colors, loud patterns, and tassels, the trousers make a very bold statement piece. 

Source: Etsy

So, if you want some heads to turn while you are at the beach, this is definitely a great choice. There is no doubt you will stand out.  LordvonSchmitt, an Etsy seller is behind the creation and unconventional design. The handmade garment is sold for about $ 68.00 at the online platform. 

You can either take a pick of your choice from the ones available, or if you're feeling creative, you can even approach the seller with special requirements for the color, pattern, and design they want for their trousers.

The trousers have already become very popular online. Customers are rushing to own their special pair and the ones who got their pair have rated a 5 star on the seller's page. Apart from its uniqueness, the shorts, made from recycled blankets, are also quite environment friendly. Besides that, you can be sure of never running into someone with the same patterned trousers. 

Source: Etsy

The description on site stated, "These crochet shorts are tons of fun!!! Great for running, walking, dancing, or just wearing every day! These one-of-a-kind shorts can easily be worn by a man or a woman, great for festivals, after the slopes, or for morning yoga in the winter. These shorts are made from recycled vintage afghans blankets!! Please understand I make these out of recycled materials and not all color schemes are available at all times!!"

Regarding the customization, the seller stated, "include waist size, inseam, and any ideas you have about color or pattern--I will do my best to match up what you are looking for with what I have in stock. You are also welcome to send us crochet from your collection and I will upcycle it into shorts!!"

Source: Etsy


Additionally, there are other options for people who are not into crochet shorts and trousers. Shinesty is selling denim briefs for men. While it may not leave much for your imagination, it is comfortable as it is made of faux denim. Launching the briefs, the brand stated, "They say jorts are the above-ground pool of the shorts' world. We'd be inclined to agree. Our denim print swims brief, also known as the Jeado, also known as the Daytona Dong Sarong is just like that, except it is the above-ground hot tub of the swim brief world...or something like that."

It added, "It is like eating a bag of chips in church. Everyone looks over at you with disgust, but deep down they want some too. And if you're really risky you'll combine those last 2 sentences, eating a bag of chips in church while wearing this denim swimsuit. You'll probably get tossed out, but you'll look and taste good doing it. These should be paired with caterpillar-style mustaches for optimal results."


The denim briefs are available for $39.99 with a choice of black, light and dark blue shades. The brand claimed that the briefs were a hit among Hollywood stars. "Our classic Daytona Dong Sarong has nested the nuts of the likes of Dale Earnhardt, Tommy Lee Jones, and even Steve Buscemi," wrote the brand.

So if you are hoping to dress like your favorite stars, you know what to do.

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