Cancer-stricken dad meets his newborn daughter for the first and final time 3 hours before his death

Cancer-stricken dad meets his newborn daughter for the first and final time 3 hours before his death

The fact that 31-year-old Brett Kinloch was even alive to see that day was a miracle in itself.

A dying father fended off death long enough to meet his newborn baby for the first and final time. 31-year-old Brett Kinloch died on the same day his wife Nicola went into labor and gave birth to their third child. The fact that he was even alive to see that day was a miracle in itself.

According to Mirror, the Northampton resident had been battling cancer for years after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2015. Initially, doctors told the family that Brett wouldn't survive past 12 months but he was determined to live for his two daughters and wife. "He really enjoyed being a dad...he was such a good dad," shared Nicola. "It made me really happy But, then he got poorly."

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, they were given the option of surgery which came with great risks. "We sat down with his neurologist and they went through the extremes of what the surgery could lead to" i.e. death. But the couple was willing to give the surgery a shot.

Although the procedure was a success, the tumor, unfortunately, grew back and this time it was more aggressive. Amid the health scare, Nicola became pregnant with their third child. "We almost started to panic and they took as much of the tumor away as they could. When the tumor grew back, when I was pregnant with Arya (third child), it was more aggressive. It couldn't be operated on," she said according to Metro

Having battled cancer for nearly four years, Brett knew he had to fight it a little longer just so he could see a glimpse of his newborn daughter. Three months after learning that the tumor was inoperable, Nicola went into labor and was taken to Luton Hospital. Back home, Brett suffered a seizure and had to be rushed to Milton Keynes.

Right after his wife gave birth to their third child, she just had one thing in mind: ensuring that Brett's dying wish was fulfilled. All the doting father wanted was to meet his newborn child and Nicola was determined to make that happen. "It was like a race against time to make sure we were ok but could get going [to the hospital he was in]," explained Nicola according to Daily Mail.


Thankfully she made it to his hospital just in time with the help of the hospital staff. "I knew what was going to happen and I wanted him to know that it was ok.. I told him it's ok, don't hurt yourself anymore," she recalled. Nicola then laid their infant on Brett so he could be with her. After spending a few hours with them, the 31-year-old died knowing he got to meet his third child. 

Arya was born at 5:07 a.m. on February 11, 2019, and three hours later, at 8:25 a.m., Brett passed away. "It sounds horrific but it could have been a lot worse - she could have been born 24 hours later," noted his wife. "I take a lot of comfort in the fact he did meet her. I laid her on top of him and she had a cuddle. He could hear what was going on and he knew we were there, I'll always be grateful for that."

As for his two daughters, Freya and Ella, they believe their "superhero handsome prince" dad sends them feathers to let them know he is watching over them. 

Cover image source: YouTube Screenshot | standuptocancerUK

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