"Tired, thirsty, and hungry" dog rescued after surviving plane crash and spending days alone in Arizona wilderness

"Tired, thirsty, and hungry" dog rescued after surviving plane crash and spending days alone in Arizona wilderness

The crew didn't leave without the dog and helped reunite the pup with his family.

A young dog was found lying next to a plane wreckage after surviving a deadly plane crash that killed one and severely injured another.

The pup was reportedly traveling with a pilot, identified as Jim Petersen, and another passenger, Uta Petersen, when the plane came tumbling down on September 22. The aircraft crashed in the Paria Plateau area, located about 30 miles southwest of Page, in Arizona.

When first responders arrived at the area, they found the lone pup at the scene of the crash. But the terrified canine ran away as soon as he saw their helicopter landing, according to azfamily.com.

Unfortunately, Jim was killed in the crash while Uta was injured and airlifted to the hospital. "Classic Air confirmed the Pilot Jim Petersen deceased and Uta Petersen injured. Uta Petersen was flown to St, George Utah Hospital by Classic Air," the Coconino County Sheriff's Office wrote on Facebook.


Meanwhile, the dog that survived the crash disappeared and went on to spend days in the Arizona wilderness.

On September 25, the Central Air Rescue crew returned back to the site and found the pup sitting all by himself right beside the plane wreckage.

"When our Central Air Rescue crew flew federal investigators back to the crash scene on Saturday, Sep. 25, they spotted the missing dog lying next to the plane wreckage," the Arizona Department of Public Safety wrote on Facebook.

Once again, the terrified pup ran away the moment he saw he saw the approaching helicopter. But the crew was determined to leave the site only with the dog this time.


"The pup fled the area again when the helicopter landed, but crew members used water to lure him back and get a leash on him," continued the Arizona Department of Public Safety's social media post. "He was tired, thirsty, and hungry, but this tough guy seemed to be in decent shape for having survived a plane crash and a few days in the Arizona wilderness."

Because the crew refused to leave the dog behind, their efforts helped reunite the pup with his family after days. The dog was soon back in safe arms after witnessing someone being killed in the deadly plane crash.


"Our air rescue crew flew the dog to the Page Airport, where he was met by a CCSO deputy who would return him to his family," added the Arizona Department of Public Safety. "AZDPS is grateful we could assist CCSO and help reunite this pup with the family at such a difficult time. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their loved ones."

Many in the comments section of their social media post appreciated the officials for refusing to leave the dog behind.


"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! AZDPS Air Rescue, his family will be so happy," said one while another commented, "Thank you for not leaving him out there and for rescuing him. DPS Air Rescue has always been known for being an awesome group of caring people."

Cover image source: Arizona Department of Public Safety/Facebook

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