Dog repeatedly barks at stranger until they follow him, leads them to an abandoned baby in the middle of nowhere

Dog repeatedly barks at stranger until they follow him, leads them to an abandoned baby in the middle of nowhere

The dog kept barking at the man on the motorcyle until he decided to follow him to where the baby was abandoned.

Dogs are quite possibly the most empathetic four-legged companions humans can find in the animal kingdom. They're also a lot smarter than they get credit for, and one incident that occurred in the Cebu city of Phillipines proves just that. Junrell Fuentes Revilla was riding his bike by the mountains in the Philippines when a dog came out of nowhere and started running behind him. Revilla was confused at first, thinking the dog was chasing him.

However, according to Bored Panda, it seemed like the dog was desperately trying to convey a message to Revilla, and so he decided to follow his instincts. He stopped his motorbike and followed the dog to see where he led him. The biker was surprised to see the dog leading him to a dumpsite, where he noticed a small bundle.


“To Revilla’s surprise, he found a baby wrapped in a brown towel,” Gea Ybarita, a staff member at Hope for Strays, told The Dodo.

The man was utterly shocked to discover that what looked like a bundle of cloth at first was actually an infant baby, and it looked like the newborn had been abandoned in the middle of nowhere. “The location where the baby was found is isolated since it's on the top of the mountain.” Revilla immediately took the baby to the nearest police station. The department of social welfare stepped in by then, and they said that the baby was found just in time.


This wouldn't have been possible without the hero dog and it didn't take too long for the story to spread over social media with praises for the dog's heroism coming through. Initially, they assumed that the hero canine was a stray, but then it was discovered that the pupper, named Blacky, belonged to someone.

“I wondered so much why no one had credited and honored such a hero dog,” Ybarita recounted. “Just by chance, we went to Blacky’s place with our motorbike, hoping we could find him. We had zero leads on his exact location and their area was a very remote place.” When the people arrived at the shelter, they were surprised to find the area empty. “After a few minutes, a guy on a motorcycle passed by and we then asked and showed him Blacky’s pictures regarding his whereabouts.” Turns out, the man was his owner, and “we felt so lucky and relieved after hours of travel.”

“He showed us the way to his home and to our surprise, Blacky was there with three other dogs,” Ybarita said. “We've confirmed he is not a stray at all.” Lyndon Olingay, Blacky's parent, was taking good care of Blacky and his furry friends. “The Olingay family are such genuine, humble, and kind people.”


But, they soon realized that Blacky and his friends could do with some help. “I could not forget what Blacky’s owner once said: ‘No matter how hard life is, even though I’m poor, I feed all of my dogs and take care of them well.’” When meeting Blacky’s wonderful family, Ybarita said they realized why he and the other dogs are so sweet and gentle.

However, people of the community all came together and they managed to raise funds to provide Blacky and his siblings with food and other necessities. Such is the power of social media! And it also goes to show that not all heroes wear capes, some walk on four legs and will relentlessly bark to save a life.

If you wish to help Hope for Strays to help the neglected, ill, and abandoned four-legged souls of Cebu, visit their Facebook page for more information.

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