Donald Trump is welcomed like a hero at impromptu rally as Florida supporters line up, chanting, "We love Trump!"

Donald Trump is welcomed like a hero at impromptu rally as Florida supporters line up, chanting, "We love Trump!"

Is Trump's political career over? "100 percent no," replied one supporter who traveled from Naples to West Palm Beach to show her love for the former president.

Since leaving the White House and moving to Palm Beach, Donald Trump has laid low and kept a fairly quiet profile while staying at the Mar-A-Lago resort. But after the former president escaped conviction by the US Senate, his die-hard fans could stay quiet no more.

To commemorate Presidents Day and to celebrate Trump's acquittal in his second impeachment trial on the count of inciting the attack on the Capitol, supporters of the former president got together for a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida on February 15, 2020, according to Fox News.

Supporters of former President Donald Trump gather near Trump's Mar-a-Lago home on February 15, 2021 in West Palm Beach, Florida. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Joe Raedle)

"USA! USA!" chanted the crowd as Trump's motorcade made its way past the supporters that gathered to show their love for the man, who was deemed as "America's greatest president" by the event's organizers. Praises and words of admiration came from the mostly unmasked crowd, some of whom chanted "We love Trump!"

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 15: Former President Donald Trump reacts as he is driven past supporters on February 15, 2021 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The rally participants lined the street on President's Day to show support for him after his 2020 election loss to President Joe Biden. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

With Trump having spent months claiming that he won the presidential elections in November, the words he was pining to hear were also uttered at the rally by a woman who said: "Everybody knows you won!"

One of the event's organizers, identified as Samir, spoke to the conservative Right Side Broadcasting Network and said, as quoted by Independent, "We love our president. This means so much to us coming out here and supporting the man that should rightfully be in the White House."


A woman named Tara Crete, who traveled all the way from Naples to show her unwavering support for Trump, was asked by CBS12 News whether Trump's career in politics was over. "100 percent no," Tara replied. "It's only been getting started. We are just waking up. You know, what we believe is good for everybody. We believe even people who are liberals, who are atheist, who don't even love this country, it's going to be good for them because at the very core of who we are, we want freedom. And that's what President Trump stands for."


Even after Trump has been accused of inciting violence at the Capitol, he still remains popular among right-wing supporters, some of whom are so drawn to him that they are willing to go to great lengths to prove their loyalty. One woman, Marie from Texas, spent over $1,000 to share a message with the nation's 45th president on Valentine's Day.

Marie arranged to have a plane fly over Mar-a-Lago on Valentine's Day with a special message dedicated to Trump, which said: "We love you Prez Trump. Happy Valentine's Day. MP?" The intention behind the message was to remind the former president that he is loved, the longtime Trump supporter told CBS12 News.



There's no confirmation on whether Trump saw the message, but his son, Donald Trump Jr., did indeed see it and shared a video of it on Facebook.

"This is pretty awesome. We've got a plane flying a Valentine's Day card for my father above Mar-a-Lago," Donald Trump Jr. said in the video. "Thought you guys would appreciate this because it's funny as heck... How awesome is that, it's so cool. Thanks to whoever did that."


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