Trump may soon be banned from Twitter if he continues spreading voter fraud conspiracy theories with no proof

Trump may soon be banned from Twitter if he continues spreading voter fraud conspiracy theories with no proof

A number of tweets on Donald Trump's timeline currently have labels to warn readers about them being disputed claims.

Sometimes it seems like he's writing in his own diary, other times, it's like he's talking to a therapist, and then there are the few times where it seems like he's looking into a mirror and yelling phrases to pump himself up—that's the roller coaster you're on when you scroll through Donald Trump's timeline on Twitter.

Take a look at Trump's timeline today and you will find most of his tweets having warning that says "this claim about election fraud is disputed" or "multiple sources called this election differently." But nothing has stopped Trump and his team from peddling claims of voter fraud without any substantial evidence.

Trump currently enjoys an exemption from Twitter's guidelines that prevent the spread of false news because he's still a world leader. But once Joe Biden is sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, Trump will be a private citizen like the rest of us, and will no longer enjoy the immunity that's currently letting him post tweets like these:




While the social media website is ensuring his tweets are fact checked and the lies will only be visible with clear warnings of disputed claims, there could be nothing stopping them from banning him from Twitter altogether after January 20, 2021. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the networking site who told Forbes that Trump may be banned from using Twitter if he continues to spread such conspiracy theories after the Inauguration Day.

In a matter of just two days after the election day in November, 50% of Trump's tweets were flagged with warnings that read "some or all of the content shared in this Tweet is disputed and might be misleading about an election or other civic process."

A Forbes tally found that 11 out of 22 tweets had warning labels because Trump continued to claim victory in the 2020 elections even before the results were officially called, as well as for making unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud.

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Currently, Trump's bio description on Twitter says: "45th President of the United States of America." And it's the only thing protecting him from being kicked off the platform entirely. It is Twitter’s "World Leaders policy" that lets a number of Trump's questionable tweets stay up on his timeline, even though they are against certain rules. The idea behind this policy is to ensure people know what their leaders say on social media.

As president, Trump has had no fear of being punished for his tweets even after making violent threats such as "When the looting starts, the shooting starts!"


He has also gotten away with spreading conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential elections as well as the Covid-19 pandemic. But once the date January 20, 2021 flashes on the calendar, Trump will have to stick to the same guidelines that any other regular Twitter user would have to follow. This means Trump would have to keep a watch on his rants if he still wants to use what is clearly his favorite virtual megaphone, or he has to face the risk of being banned, the Twitter spokesperson told Forbes.

In November, Twitter had also announced that they would hand over the official @POTUS Twitter account to Biden after his Inauguration, whether or not Trump concedes by then.


The social media platform told The Hill that they were "actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021." These include the hand-over of official accounts like the @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS, and others.

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