Drinking beer can save dogs: Taphouse doubles up as adoption centre for dogs rescued from high-kill shelters

Drinking beer can save dogs: Taphouse doubles up as adoption centre for dogs rescued from high-kill shelters

At Fido's, you can enjoy beer and food along with your furry friends.

Source: Fido's Facebook and Instagram

If there's one thing that makes a sip of cold beer even better, it has to be good company. And let's be honest—nothing beats the company of your furry four-legged friend. Well, one bar in Oregon is doing a brilliant job at making sure man's best friend finds the forever home they're looking for. Fido's is a taphouse in Portland that also acts as a foster home for rescue dogs. According to Today, Scott Peter, inspired by the concept of a cat cafe, opened the bar in 2018. Since then, the taphouse has found homes for over 70 dogs.


"Fido's is unique in that it is a craft beer taproom. We focus not only on beer, cider, and wine. We primarily focus on charities, dog rescues and helping them to solve the pet population problem," said Scott to Today. The tap house has partnered with the rescue charity, Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals (OFOSA).


OFOSA rescues dogs from high-kill shelters in central California. Scott stated the animals usually came from challenging behavioral or living circumstances. However, Fido provides them a safe and secure environment. And, of course, plenty of beer for their customers.


On a usual day, the bar has between four to eight adoptable dogs on site. The dogs are kept in a separate room with kennels, food, and toys. Customers arriving at the bar will have the chance to interact with dogs while enjoying their beers and food. 30 minutes of playing with the dogs at the “day room” will cost $4. The money goes towards charities and is also used to cover the expenses of the dogs, according to Ron Project.


If anyone forms a deeper bond with the animals and wants to adopt them, then the bar allows the adoption after three days. The delay is to ensure that their decision to adopt was not taken under the influence of alcohol, and also gives the customer the time to visit again and play with the furry four-legged friend to make sure they're a good fit before taking them home. In addition to that, the bar along with the OFOSA interviews the potential owners. A mandatory meet and greet for the family are also organized before the adoption.


Fido's also allows dogs and owners to enjoy meals together. Apart from beers, there are a variety of foods you and your furry friend can choose from.

For Scott, the taphouse is special in many ways. "My own dogs helped me through some pretty severe depression. They were extremely loving and attentive to me. And they understood that I was going through some tough times. People often times will step into the room. And they'll get dogs in their arm. And they just break down sobbing because of that connection," said the man to Today.