"I didn't want him to do it, mama": 7-year-old Dylan Farrow had said after Woody Allen inappropriately touched her

"I didn't want him to do it, mama": 7-year-old Dylan Farrow had said after Woody Allen inappropriately touched her

Actress, Mia Farrow who was in a relationship with Woody Allen had recorded a video of her daughter as a child, recalling the haunting experience.

"I was daddy's girl," said Dylan Farrow about her famous adoptive father, Woody Allen. He was like a "magnet" to her, who showered her with "intense affection" and made her feel special when she was a little child, Dylan revealed. But eventually, family members started noticing how Dylan was locking herself in the bathroom when Allen was around and would act like a dead animal just so she wouldn't have to talk.

These are some of the revelations made in a new HBO documentary-series, Allen v. Farrow, which shows Dylan's side of the story in one of the biggest celebrity family scandals that began nearly three decades ago.


Shown in the documentary-series are home videos captured by Dylan's mother, actress Mia Farrow who was in a relationship with Allen from 1979 until their split in 1992, according to the Daily Mail.

As Mia Farrow spoke in the documentary about the man, praised for having a decades-long career in writing and directing, the actress said that she would sometimes walk into the room to find their daughter "in his bed with him in his underwear."

"Sometimes he would also kneel in front of her or sit next to her and put his face in her lap which I caught a couple of times and I didn't think that was right," Mia Farrow added.


One of the instances that Dylan has accused her father of took place in the attic of Farrow's Connecticut home in August, 1992. That day, people in the house realized that Allen and Dylan were missing for 20 minutes, and when Mia Farrow later had a conversation with Dylan, the then-7-year-old child spoke about being touched inappropriately by Allen.

"He touched [my] privates and then he was breathing on my leg. And then, this [where I mean] he squeezed me too hard that I couldn't breathe," Dylan said in the home video Mia Farrow captured at the time.

The 7-year-old girl recounted the way her adoptive father physically abused her and recounted his words.


"He said: 'Don't move I have to do this. If you stay still we can go to Paris... Because this way you could be in my movie, if I do this.'"

"I didn't want him to do it, mama. I didn't like it... I don't want to talk about it," the young child went on to say.

Looking back at the painful moment as an adult, Dylan said in the documentary, "I am that little girl on the tape. So... it's a very vulnerable part of me, and a very... a very hurt part of me. There's a lot of... That little girl is in a lot of pain."


Several times, Mia has confronted Allen about the incident and has tried to get the prolific director to admit what he did while she secretly recorded their phone conversations.

In 1992, Mia Farrow ended her relationship with Allen and accused him of sexual abuse. By then, she also discovered explicit photos of her other adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, in Allen's house.

Mia Farrow had adopted Soon-Yi with her ex-husband, Andre Previn, and it is believed that Allen had been having an affair with her since Soon-Yi was in high school. With an age gap of 34 years between them, Allen and Soon-Yi tied the knot in 1997, and they are still together.

Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn at the premiere of "Cafe Society" hosted by Amazon & Lionsgate with The Cinema Society at Paris Theatre on July 13, 2016 in New York City. (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Jamie McCarthy)

Since the time Allen was accused of sexual abuse, he claimed to be innocent and denied all the allegations against him, saying Mia Farrow made them up. He also claimed that Mia Farrow coached Dylan into saying those things against him because she was jealous of the relationship she had with her other daughter, Soon-Yi.

However, while making the new documentary that premiers on February 21, the directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering spoke to independent child abuse experts and lawmakers on what they felt about 7-year-old Dylan's account in the video Mia Farrow recorded. As they revealed their opinion, the experts said they believe Dylan's behavior does not appear to be coached, according to Vanity Fair.


While defending himself in his memoir, Apropos of Nothing, Allen wrote, as quoted by the Daily Mail, "I never laid a finger on Dylan, never did anything to her that could be even misconstrued as abusing her; it was a total fabrication from start to finish, every subatomic particle of it."


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