Elderly couple caught with 60 pounds of weed in the car claim it was for Christmas presents

Elderly couple caught with 60 pounds of weed in the car claim it was for Christmas presents

And as it turns out, they're the parents of a prosecutor in Vermont.

Christmas is surely the time to exchange gifts and one elderly couple did just that. However, their kind of gifts was not legal. According to York News-Times, when Patrick Jiron and his wife Barbara were caught with 60 pounds of marijuana along interstate 80 in southeastern Nebraska, the couple had, what they seemed to think was a valid reason to be in possession of the contraband. They said it was meant to be given away as Christmas presents.


The hilarious incident unfolded when cops first noticed the strong stench from their Toyota Tacoma truck after they were asked to pull over on December 19, 2017.

Lieutenant Paul Vrbka with the sheriff’s department stated that the officers saw the vehicle going over the center line and the driver failing to signal. As a result, they initiated the check. They stopped the vehicle in the Bradshaw area and could not ignore the strong whiff of raw marijuana from inside the truck. Vrbka stated that the county's canine unit also signaled the presence of the drug.

The officers conducted a search of the vehicle and found the weed in boxes under the pickup topper. The couple told them that they were headed for Vermont. “They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents,” said Vrbka.



The drugs worth $336,000 were seized by the police. The couple from Clearlake Oaks, California, was taken into custody at the York County Jail on charges of marijuana possession with the intent to deliver and no drug tax stamp. They also stated that they did not know it was illegal to transport the drug through Nebraska.

While the husband was jailed, the wife was not put in prison “due to some medical issues.” The sheriff's department stated that the woman was 70 years old. Meanwhile, her 80-year-old husband was released after he posted 10 percent of his $100,000 bond, according to York News-Times.

However, the elderly couple got arrested again. According to CBS News, a month after their initial case, the couple got arrested again along the interstate 80 in southeastern Nebraska. This time the couple were passengers in the same vehicle.


Lancaster County sheriff's officials discovered a duffel bag with $18,000 in cash along with an oversized garbage bag that contained the residue of raw marijuana. Sheriff Terry Wagner stated that the truck was driven by a 42-year-old woman. But she was released with a warning for violating traffic regulations. He further stated that he did not know her relationship to the couple.

He explained, "The Jirons bonded out of jail." Meanwhile, the sheriff is unaware of whether the couple was supposed to put up any money to bond out. Besides, the records of the case available at the court do not list an attorney for them.

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The authorities added that the seized cash would be handed over to the federal Department of Homeland Security. Lancaster County would get to keep about 60 percent of the money if the federal officials become successful in legally seizing the money.

It was later discovered that the couple had a son who's a prosecutor in Vermont's Chittenden County. Justin Jiron, however, is not connected to his parents' crimes.

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