Elderly couple plan, time, & execute their suicides flawlessly as they didn't want "to live without the other"

Elderly couple plan, time, & execute their suicides flawlessly as they didn't want "to live without the other"

One morning, their neighbor found a letter from the couple and soon, their bodies were found in their house.

Warning: Contains details of suicide. 

In Bishop’s Walk in St Asaph, Wales, a couple was found dead in their house, and it was concluded that both of them died by suicide.

It was later found that the couple, 80-year-old Howard Titterton and 78-year-old Jacqueline Titterton, had carefully planned out their deaths executed them flawlessly because the husband and wife did not want to live without each other, according to NorthWalesLive. Before bringing their lives to an end, the husband and wife had sent several letters that they wrote together and sent them to their friends, in which they wrote, "Neither one of us wishes to live without the other."

Howard, a retired research and development officer at a glass manufacturing company, was earlier diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. His wife, Jacqueline, who was a former nurse, was able to provide him with the care he needed as Howard received palliative care from the comforts of his house.

Both Howard and Jacqueline mentioned that they lived "a great life." They did not put any pressure on each other when they considered dying together and both of them agreed that they should do it. The couple started planning out their suicides and made sure to leave a house key with their neighbor so that the police officers would later be able to enter the house.



Before their deaths, their neighbor Andrew Thomas, who is a Denbighshire County Councilor, said in a statement that Howard had started to grow weak and frail. However, a few days before their death, the neighbor mentioned that he looked "OK."

It was in the morning hours of November 13, 2018, when Andrew found an envelope that was slid through his door. Inside, he found around $650 and a note that he could not believe he was reading. "I wondered if I was reading what I was," he later said about reading the note from Howard and Jacqueline where they stated that they had, together, brought their lives to end.

Andrew's wife, Susan Thomas, had informed the police and soon, the couple's bodies were found in their house. Jacqueline was found lifeless on the bed while Howard was covered with a blanket and a dressing gown in an empty bath. The officers also found that the couple had labeled some of the items in the house with names of the people they wished the items go to.


Susan described Howard and Jacqueline as "lovely people." She was left in shock when she found out about the couple's death. The day before they died by suicide, Jacqueline met Susan and gave her a park-and-ride ticket for Chester. Susan found it strange when Jacqueline said she would not be using the ticket. The very next day, Susan found the real reason why.

The couple's close friend, Anthony Jones, who knew them right from when they were children and even spent several vacations with them, was one of the loved ones who received a letter from them before they took away their lives.



Anthony, who lost two people he knew very well, revealed Howard and Jacqueline did not have children throughout their married life. Apart from the love they shared for each other, the friend added that photography and music were hobbies that they shared. The two also loved to spend their time traveling and taking cruises.

As investigations ensued, Home Office pathologist Dr. Brian Rodgers said that both Howard and Jacqueline died of suffocation, but they both died a short while apart. Officers revealed that Jacqueline covered Howard with the dressing gown and the blanket before finally winding up in bed.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

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