Elvis Presley was crying a day before his wedding because he did not want to marry Priscilla

Elvis Presley was crying a day before his wedding because he did not want to marry Priscilla

Alberta Holman, a former housekeeper, and cook at the iconic singer's mansion found him in tears just a day before his wedding to Priscilla.

Elvis Presley is not only known for being the King of Rock and Roll but also for his once-in-a-lifetime love story with Priscilla. After dating for seven years, the two tied the knot but it's reported that Presley was forced into marriage with the now 76-year-old. It was previously revealed that the King "molded" her into the ideal partner of his dreams, so why would he be unhappy about it? Well, one of his help at Graceland has revealed how he was in tears the night before his wedding to Priscilla.

Alberta Holman, a former housekeeper, and cook had been with his family for years and was reportedly very close to Presley's mother, Gladys. After her death, Alberta would make Elvis his favorite meal of hashbrowns, black-eyed peas, and bacon to comfort him reports Express. Thus, they were extremely close and if the late superstar had to confide in someone, it would have been Alberta.


Per Peter Harry Brown and Pat H Broeske's biography Down at the End of Lonely Street: The Life and Death of Elvis Presley, Alberta was the one who found him crying about his upcoming marriage back in 1967. The concerned woman then asked him why he didn't just cancel the wedding if he didn't wish to go through with it. His response, "I don't have a choice," left her surprised. 

Elvis met Priscilla when she was just 14. "In the American South at that time it wasn’t that unusual for a man of his age to date a girl of her age," explained biographer Alma Nash. So "when Priscilla moved into Graceland, Colonel (Parker, his manager) lost his mind. It hadn’t been that long since Jerry Lee Lewis married his under-age cousin –  and people went crazy," Nash added. 


Thus, Elvis was asked to keep Priscilla a secret for both morality reasons and his image of a single teen idol. However, this encouraged the star to date, other starlets throughout his film career in the '60s. "Elvis was always looking for that young girl he could mold into the image of Gladys who had died when he was in the army. In a way, he dressed young women to resemble her. He picked out their clothes. Priscilla was perfect," noted Nash.

But while dating these stars, he began romancing them and proposing the idea of marriage while Priscilla was left in Graceland. At one point, the star was torn between his desire of playing the field and settling down with a woman who his mother would be proud of. "Elvis was getting older, it was time for him to settle down and get married. Another reason that the Colonel was eager to get Elvis settled and married was that there was a morals clause in his contract with the studios and of course, Elvis was being Elvis and violating that clause all the time," said Nash. 

Although Priscilla testified that she was a virgin until their marriage, she was still living with him, something that was considered an "unmarried sin." Her father was also becoming restless, worrying that his daughter may be disgraced and cast aside by Elvis. He even threatened to prosecute him for taking his minor daughter across state lines. Then began Elvis' relationship with Ann-Margret. 


"Elvis was hot and heavy with Ann-Margret and it looked like he might dump Priscilla to end up with her. The Colonel was very worried about that. So the idea that Elvis would be a married man and settled appealed to everyone... Just not to Elvis," revealed Nash. "I know he loved Priscilla but I don’t think he was ready to get married," revealed Sandy Martindale, who Elvis was dating while he was with Ann-Margret.

Years later, Priscilla told Barbara Walter, "I think the pressure was on somewhat. We'd been together six years, the relationship was going well. The suggestion I think came from Colonel Parker (Elvis' manager) ‘Either you should get married or go on. If you’re not getting married, then what are you doing?'" So they got married in 1967 and welcomed their daughter, Lisa Marie, eight months later. By then Priscilla sensed that their relationship would end soon as she was no longer the "little girl" he began a relationship with. In February 1972, they ultimately separated and divorced on October 9, 1973.

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