Family moves states so their 10-year-old trans child can live his life authentically

Family moves states so their 10-year-old trans child can live his life authentically

The family is also protesting against the anti-trans legislations in the country.

Talon Fiedler, 10, and his family began their lives afresh after he came out as Trans.

Talon was nine years old when he approached his mother, Ashly Fiedler, and said, "If I tell you something, do you promise not to cry?" He came out as a trans boy to his mother. His mother replied, "Your dad and I love you no matter what, and that won't ever change."




Ashly, 39, called her husband, Derrick Fiedler, an active-duty Army National Guard captain stationed overseas. When Fiedler returned to their Iowa home in July, they decided to relocate due to anti-trans laws in the state. Derrick, Ashly, their 16-year-old daughter Nadia, and Talon moved to Tucson three months later. The family's new house in Arizona represented a new beginning.

Derrick told PEOPLE, "We knew that Iowa was not going to be a good place for us." He added, "The relief and the joy in his face made me realize that this was real." Talon recalled, "I was excited just so that I could have the different name and pronouns." 




Fiedlers sought out a trans-sensitive therapist as well as a pediatrician and joined the Families Transformed support group. Derrick said, "Everybody else in the support group went through the same range of emotions that we did: a lot of worrying, concern, and hoping that it was just a phase." He added, "I felt like a little bit of a failure as a parent for even having those thoughts. But then to find out that it was pretty common across the board, and that if you just keep your child's best interest in mind and believe them, things are going to work out."

Derrick penned an impassioned op-ed for The Arizona Republic in reaction to new anti-trans state legislation in March. Derrick says that Talon, "really taught me what it means to stand up for my principles when it gets hard. I'm just so humbled by the courage that [Talon] has." 




Derrick wrote about their experience of moving to Arizona, "He is flourishing like he never has before. He has friends who accept him and value him. He is living authentically. He is exuberant, curious, and excited about his life." He added, "Like every other child, my boy has the inalienable right to pursue happiness. But we need help, support structures, to ensure that our child has every opportunity to do so."

One year after their momentous move, the Fiedlers are expecting their third child in October. They said they will be completely open and let the child explore their gender.

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