"Daddy, I love you," cried a scared little girl before her dad strangled her & her 4 siblings to death after a Disney World trip

"Daddy, I love you," cried a scared little girl before her dad strangled her & her 4 siblings to death after a Disney World trip

"They didn’t want to go. They didn’t want their lives taken," the father said, claiming that the voices in his head pushed him to kill his children.

Trigger warning: Contains details of violence and murder.

A father named Timothy Jones, Jr. took five children to Disney World as well as the beach. After they returned from the trip, he killed his children one after the other, according to People

When Timothy was being interrogated by the cops, he revealed that he had punished his 6-year-old son, Nahtahn, because of blown electric sockets in the house. While punishing the boy, Timothy made him do squats and push-ups, and had even hit him twice. Then, the father sent Nahtahn to his room to go to bed but sadly, sometime later on the same day, Timothy found that his son was dead.

In court, Timothy claimed that he heard voices in his head that prompted him to go on and kill the rest of his brood. After finding Nahtahn, Timothy said, "The voices started going off." And here comes the paranoia. "Oh (expletive), what just happened?" as reported by The Post and Courier.

The South Carolina father said that the voices were conspiring against him, and he was trying to protect himself. However, the voices also prompted him to takes the lives of his children. He said he killed them in preemptive self-defense before they could “chop him up and feed him to the dogs,” said his arrest warrant. Timothy admitted that he did have thoughts about murdering his children before this incident. But it was only on a harrowing night in August, 2014 when he actually went ahead and committed the horrific crime.


Timothy said, "At the time, I didn’t think any of it was wrong. It was just happenstance and so let me finish it up now."

After the father found Nahtahn dead, he went on to strangle the rest of his children one by one. First was 7-year-old Elias, who said, "Take me with dad..." before his father strangled him while he tried to fight back. But the little boy couldn't the 37-year-old parent.

Next to die was Elias's older sister, 8-year-old Merah who uttered her final words, "Daddy, I love you" before her father took away her life.

In court, Timothy said, "They didn’t want go. They didn’t want their lives taken."

After Elias and Merah were strangled to death, Timothy then went on to the rooms where his youngest children, 2-tear-old Gabriel and 1-year-old Elaine Marie, were. "I love you," his little son, Gabriel, reportedly said before he was killed along with Elaine Marie.


After carrying out the horrific killings of the children, Timothy said that he wrapped his children up in sheets and blankets. He took their bodies to his Cadillac Escalade and went on to stack their bodies on the floorboard of the backseat.

Timothy said, "I was running on fear and I wasn’t thinking. Any normal person would have said, 'Let’s call the police and turn myself in.' I took the coward route and started following those voices in my head."

Listening to the voices that the father claimed were in his head, Timothy went on to drive around with the bodies of his children in the car. He cruised through parts of South Carolina and the Southeast, but he did stop at a few places, including Dollar General to buy trash bags and also at a Walmart to buy a saw, acid, goggles, and a pail. A Gatorade and some candy were also in his bill.

"Melt bodies! Sand bones to dust or small pieces," was on the list that the police found in Timothy's car during the investigation.

Since the time he left his house, Timothy drove for hundreds of miles. After a week of driving, the father reached Alabama and finally dumped the decomposed bodies of his children in an isolated area.

Later, on September 6, 2014, an officer stopped Timothy's SUV at a checkpoint in Smith County, Mississippi. The officer said in court that he felt "the smell of death" coming from his car, reported People. After finding maggots, blood, and synthetic marijuana, Timothy was arrested and during the interrogation, the father admitted that he was behind the murder of his children. 

“Oh, God. Oh, God!” sobbed the children's mother, Amber Kyzer, in court. “My babies! My babies!”


Timothy's attorneys claimed that he had undiagnosed schizophrenia, and the father pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. They also said that Timothy lost his grip over reality when ex-wife cheated on him, along with the difficulties of being a single father coupled with the feeling of not being able to stay true to his religious beliefs, according to WSPA. However, years after the incident, the court found him guilty, refused his plea on the ground of insanity, and decided that he would be executed for murdering his innocent children, according to BBC

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