Father makes germophobe teen daughter sleep in the backyard as punishment for framing domestic help

Father makes germophobe teen daughter sleep in the backyard as punishment for framing domestic help

Their housekeeper complained that the daughter was "calling her offensive names like filthy and gross." This led to the daughter creating a fake setting and accusing her of stealing.

Nothing can excuse being disrespectful to someone. This was the lesson a teenager learned the hard way after her father saw her targetting their housekeeper and calling her names. The 46-year-old father said he noticed his daughter acting differently ever since she started hanging out with a new set of friends.

"I noticed recently that she's been behaving in a bad manner constantly commenting on other people's looks, belongings, calling them stuff that isn't cool and just being insensitive," the father wrote on Reddit.

Although the father tried having discussions with her about how her behavior was affecting people, he saw that the 16-year-old didn't pay heed and continued being insensitive to others. 

"Our housemaid is the person most affected here and my daughter has chosen her to be her target for hair, clothes, 'etiquette' criticism," the father said. "She has complained about our daughter calling her offensive names like filthy and gross for cleaning certain areas in our house. I took a stand and explicitly told my daughter I'd punish her if she ever said stuff like that to our housemaid again."

One day, he caught his daughter calling her "filthy" and decided to ground her by not letting her go to a party. "She threw a fit and called our housemaid a liar saying she never called her that. That was the end of it," the father said.

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"Days later my daughter came to me saying she couldn't find her iPhone," the father continued. When his daughter asked him to call up her phone, he did so and found it ringing inside their housekeeper's bag. Immediately, the father confronted the help, and all the while, the daughter kept calling her a thief.

Later, "I checked the indoor camera before continuing the argument and saw my daughter place her iPhone inside our housemaid's bag, I was livid," he went on to say. "I apologized to the housemaid and gave her the rest of the day off. I then showed the video to my daughter and she was absolutely speechless."

Infuriated by his daughter's actions, the father decided to dole out an extreme punishment by making her sleep in their backyard.

"I told her she was grounded and will have to spend the night in the backyard (she is a germaphobe) but she cried begging me to not make her sleep with the dirt, insects and hot temp. I refused to discuss it or I'd make it 2 nights," the father said. "My wife said I should go easy on her but I said calling people filthy and accusing them of stealing wasn't ok in fact it was the absolute worst, I then went through with my punishment."

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When Reddit users read the father's post, they had mixed opinions about the father's actions.

Some defended his actions, including RockyMntn_high, who said, "you need to stand your ground here, or you'll have one crazy spoiled brat, for the rest of your life."

"She has to learn being so cruel has consequences," commented yukidaviji. "She could have lost the housekeeper her job, or even have gotten her arrested if you hadn’t found the video and pressed charges! Don’t go easy on her. That teaches her nothing."

Others disagreed with the kind of punishment the father used. "I don’t see the link between the crime and the punishment. Discipline is about correction. How do you’ll think this will correct her behaviour?" wrote EssexCatWoman. "...Your daughter definitely needs to be corrected, she’s heading down a bad path of racism and bullying. But I don’t see the reason for this punishment."

"Your daughter definitely deserves to be punished for her comportment and for what she did, but using her mental illness for it is disgusting," commented MissCherieBella.

neverrrragain suggested: "I do think maybe she needs to be forced to do the jobs she deems 'filthy.'"

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