Dad walks in on son putting makeup on. His reaction will definitely make you smile

Dad walks in on son putting makeup on. His reaction will definitely make you smile

The boy tried to hide it at first, but the father showed him that there was absolutely no need to.

A father-son duo is getting all the love on the internet after the parent showed his son that he's always going to be there for him.

The tear-jerking moment was shared on TikTok after the father walked in on his teenage son filming a video of himself putting makeup on. When the teenager realized his father is a few feet away, he begins scrambling around and switches off the light so his father wouldn't notice. But the father did notice, and he gave a restore-faith-in-humanity type of reaction that warmed people's hearts.

"I was SOOO embarrassed!!!" was the boy's initial reaction when his father walked in. "Papa, what are you doing papa?" the father asks him in Spanish, as quoted by Pride.com. The boy was still visibly uncomfortable, but his loving father reassured him and pulled the teenager into a hug.

"Papa, I’m going to tell you something, whatever you want to do papa, you’ll be OK," the father said. "I’ll be okay with you. I’m with you, OK? I love you, papa, I love you."

Showing his son that being happy is all that matters, the father went on to say, "If that makes you happy, do it. Do it, but do it good. OK, papa. I’m always with you. I won’t let you down in anything. Be happy."


The heartwarming video went viral on TikTok and racked up 10.7M. The internet let out a resounding "aww" in response to the video and many commented on the exchange between the father and son. "Damn I'm straight and my dad don't even treat me like this," wrote a Twitter user.

"The way he was saying papas, he already knew, parents who actually love their kids unconditionally always know," said another commenter.

Another story about a father and son's relationship showed how important it is for children to feel loved and supported at home. A young YouTuber named Andrew Edgerton was filming a makeup tutorial video when his father passed by his room and gave his son a compliment: "That looks so freaking awesome."

Andrew blushed and said, "Thank you" to his father, Glenn. "I walked past Andrew’s room, and I noticed that he was doing a makeup look," Glenn told BuzzFeed News back in 2018. "I peeked my head in and was impressed with the work he had done."

"I was a little shy upon receiving the compliment, however, this is not rare," Andrew quipped. "My dad is always very supportive of me and my makeup!"


After the candid compliment was caught on camera, Andrew kept it in the video but didn't think it would receive so much attention.

"It's so important for parents of children in the LGBTQ community to receive support at home," said Andrew.

His proud father gushed about him and said, "Since he started putting on makeup in December 2016, I have been so impressed with his ability to do the looks he wanted, especially in such a short period of time. As a parent, you want your children to pursue the things in which they are passionate, as I believe that passion for your work is so important. I truly hope that this works out for him."

Andrew later put up a video where he gave his father a great makeup look.


Cover image source: im.mr.petty/TikTok

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