Florida 28-year-old Sara Gaver crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2022: "The sky's the limit"

Florida 28-year-old Sara Gaver crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2022: "The sky's the limit"

The 2022 national competition took place between July 10 and 17 in Northeast Ohio.

Sara Gaver who was born with arthrogryposis is this year's, Ms. Wheelchair USA. According to My Cleveland Clinic, people with arthrogryposis are born with joints that are difficult to move. According to The Akron Beacon Journal, this year the competition was celebrating 25 years of pageantry. The event took place between July 10 and 17 in Northeast Ohio. 17 contestants took part in a week of activities, rehearsals, and competitions that resulted in the crowning of a new Ms. Wheelchair USA. The participants came in from all over the country: from Alaska to Florida, New York to California.



Celebrity judges like Hollywood movie producer and award-winning author Matthew D. Hunt, and this year’s American Idol top finalist Emyrson Flora helped pick out the winner of the event. Professionals from the corporate and community worlds including Dr. Deb Plate and CEO Nancy Brodie also took part in the judging. The ladies' talents were judged in true “Willy Wonka” style with the theme of the show being “Pure Imagination.” The event helped celebrate women with disabilities and their achievements and contributions to society along with an element of glamor. It was finally Florida native, 28-year-old Sara Gaver who took home the title.  



Gaver told PEOPLE that she was born with a disability and has been in a wheelchair since the age of four. She added that she works a full-time job and lives independently and on her own. Winning the pageant was a reminder that it's all about "reaching for your dreams and never backing down regardless of the naysayers." Gaver also hopes to challenge people's misconceptions about those with disabilities. "My message to anyone would be that the sky's the limit. Don't ever let any limitation or disability or obstacle hold you down. There's absolutely no one who can change that for you and you have all the power to be able to control what you need in your life. I'm rooting for you just as you are rooting for me." 



According to AMC Support, Gaver is from Jacksonville and advocates for AMC (Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita) awareness, inclusion, accessibility, and disability education. She was Ms. Wheelchair Florida in 2015 and in 2016 she won 2nd place. Gaver was also the first woman in a wheelchair to compete for Miss Florida USA 2020. The 28-year-old pageant winner also has a degree in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Florida and was a guest speaker for TEDxJacksonville in 2015. 








Cover Image Source: Instagram | mswheelchairusa

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