Florida restaurant invites customers in without implementing mask-on policy, calls it "face diaper"

Florida restaurant invites customers in without implementing mask-on policy, calls it "face diaper"

It looks like the staff there refrain from wearing masks, too!

From matching our masks with our outfits to feeling like something's missing without wearing a face mask, these accesories have become the new normal and we're all finding ways to incorportate it into our daily lives. And considering the fact wearing a mask when you step outside can literally save lives during the pandemic, a lot of places have made it mandatory, with customers being requested to leave if they don't comply with the rule. However, there are some people who still think that the whole pandemic is a hoax, despite bodies piling up each day.

Jesse Fox, owner of Beckjanck’s Food Shack, recently shared a picture on Facebook to let his customers know that they don't have to wear a face mask to dine at his outlet. “We did a post just trying to be proactive, letting everybody know what the mask requirement is or isn’t at Beckyjack’s because some people were coming in … they were surprised that we weren’t wearing masks,” said Fox, according to WGN9.


The restaurant shared a photo with the caption: “Face diapers not required! Everyone welcome”. It didn't take too long for the post to go viral and people have been commenting under it, too. “We’re getting a ton of feedback, both positive and negative,” said Fox. It seems like the staff at the restaurant don't wear masks, either. Most people who commented under the post seemed to be applauding Fox for his "wise" decision.

Ronda Shrigley Alley wrote: "So glad you’re giving people the choice to wear or not wear a mask. Just like they have a choice to go or not go to your restaurant. I think we are all capable of making our own decisions when it comes to our health. Unfortunately there are those that think we need those decisions made for us!!"

Brandon Carmichael added, "I absolutely appreciate & respect a business who does not try to police 'health suggestions' and force customers to do something that makes no sense and may be against their own will. Thank you for not blindly following."

Going by a lot of comments on Fox's Facebook post, it was evident that people either did not understand the importance of masks during a pandemic, or simply didn't care. Perhaps both.


However, not everyone seems to be okay with the idea of ditching masks because our fight with the virus is far from over and this is only going to make matters worse.

“It’s just very stressful and disrespectful,” said Lori Carroll, who was in town visiting from Orange County. She said she was disappointed to see establishments not making customers wear masks. “I feel like I’m out of state almost. That’s how I feel because the whole not-wearing-the-mask thing is absolutely ridiculous,” Carroll said. “They need to educate themselves."

Fox, meanwhile, defended his actions, and said that he’s following original guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that said healthy people don’t need to wear a mask. “I don’t feel like I am going against the grain. I feel like I’m using common sense,” Fox said, adding that if the Hernando County required people to wear a mask in restaurants, he would follow that rule.


The CDC recommends that people wear masks “in public settings, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.” The choice to wear a mask is completely up to you, but it's always better for you and the people around you if you wear one.

Cover Image Source: Facebook/BeckyJack's Food Shack

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