Little girl helps her disabled friend take her new electric wheelchair for a spin

Little girl helps her disabled friend take her new electric wheelchair for a spin

The sweet moment between the two friends showed "the power of love and connection" to thousands of viewers.

When a moment so lovely is captured on camera, it deserves to be shared with the world. The family of little Ruby shared such a moment with the world, and it warmed the hearts of thousands as they watched a friend patiently encourage the disabled girl to try something new.

Ruby, who lives with the rare and incurable disease of H-ABC, was filmed sitting in her new electric wheelchair when her friend, Abbie approached her. Abbie was seen rooting for Ruby to try out the wheelchair and whispered words of encouragement into her ears.

Source: Rare Ruby's Fund/GoFundMe

Then, within moments, Ruby took her new electric wheelchair for a spin, and manage to put a smile on everyone's face, according to the Daily Mail.

The disabled girl was happily beaming away while Abbie continued encouraging Ruby to try using the new electric wheelchair. Giggles broke out, and people around them cheered on as Ruby once again tried moving forward on her own; all the while, her friend Abbie continued rallying around her.


"This is Ruby and her friend Abbie. This was a moment of pure love and joy, one of of the everyday miracles that are part of our lives caring for a terminally-ill child," wrote Ruby's parent as they shared the video on the Facebook page, A Rare Ruby.

"My daughter Ruby has leukodystrophy," the post went on to say. "Leukodystrophies are a family of 50 diseases that affect the brain's white matter, Ruby has a form of leukodystrophy called H-ABC. Because of leukodystrophy, Ruby's brain has trouble sending messages to her body to tell it what to do. Leukodystrophies have no cure, and are eventually fatal, leukodystrophies are rare, affecting 1 in 7000 people."

Source: Rare Ruby's Fund/GoFundMe

Back in 2018, which was when the beautiful exchange took place between Ruby and Abbie, the video went viral and was seen around 7 million times on Facebook alone.

Ruby's family revealed that the compassion and patience Abbie showed that day meant so much to them. "It's not easy for Ruby or our family. But, then, in this moment between Abbie with my daughter Ruby, we are inspired by the power of love and connection," the post continued. "We have been overwhelmed by how this moment has touched millions of people."


To the people who asked how they could help, the post explained that they could donate to the Rare Ruby's Fund.

"Lots of people have written to show their support and learn more about Ruby's condition," the post added. "If you want to help kids like Ruby, we have established The Rare Ruby Fund to help the doctors, patients, and families at 'Ruby's hospital' who are working to help kids like Ruby."


A separate GoFundMe page was also set up to raise funds for young Ruby.

Currently, Ruby's family continue to raise awareness about the disease and are raising funds with the goal of finding a cure. More than 37,000 people follow Ruby's journey on Facebook and are watching the loveable girl grow up.

Cover image source: A Rare Ruby/YouTube

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