The captain is not speaking anymore. Gavin MacLeod of 'The Love Boat' fame, dies at 90

The captain is not speaking anymore. Gavin MacLeod of 'The Love Boat' fame, dies at 90

The cause of his death was not revealed but it was reported that his health was deteriorating over the past few months.

Sitcom veteran Gavin MacLeod died in the early morning on May 29. His death was confirmed to Variety by nephew Mark See, but his cause of death wasn't revealed. However, it was being reported that the actor's health was rapidly declining over the past few months. The late actor was widely known for his role as the wise-cracking news writer on the classic 1970s U.S. sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the hospitable cruise ship captain on The Love Boat.

The versatile actor could portray any role with ease and before he landed his role in The Mary Tyler Moore Show he played several villains. "I was a young kid with a bald head so I only played pimps, perverts, woman beaters and child molesters," MacLeod told PEOPLE in 1978.


According to Reuters, the show ran on CBS for seven years, from 1970-1977, and went on to win 29 Emmy Awards. MacLeod then signed with ABC for The Love Boat, which ran for 10 seasons from 1977-1987. "I remember TV critics saying, 'How could you do it?'" MacLeod told Entertainment Weekly in 1997, referring to his jump from The Mary Tyler Moore Show to The Love Boat. "But I loved it. I said, 'This is going to take people away from the everyday burdens of life. It'll give them something to dream about.'"

MacLeod, who was born as Allan See on Feb. 28, 1931, in Mount Kisco, New York, changed his first name to Gavin, simply because he liked it, and his last to MacLeod, as a tribute to his acting teacher from college. 


In his autobiography, This Is Your Captain Speaking: My Fantastic Voyage Through Hollywood, Faith & Life, the actor revealed that despite his rise to fame, he battled depression and alcoholism, and even suffered two heart attacks and watched two marriages crumble. Eventually, he did get sober in 1974 and married his second wife Patti Steele, per PEOPLE.

The late actor was a versatile and dependable actor who was a good friend to his co-stars, said Ed Asner, who worked with him in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. “He made everything easy,” Asner said, reports Variety. “He was a very strong and capable fellow,” Asner said, adding, “He was a lovely soul who will make heaven brighter." Since the news of his death, tributes have been pouring in on social media platforms from fans all over the world! 


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