16-YO girl beats her father to death with iron rod to stop him from abusing her mother

16-YO girl beats her father to death with iron rod to stop him from abusing her mother

The family was discussing the eldest son's marriage when the father began arguing. This infuriated the teenage daughter and led to her attacking her father.

Trigger warning: The story contains details of murder that might be distressing to some readers.

A teenage girl could no longer bear to see her mother get abused and tortured by her drunk father. She reached her tipping point one night and grabbed an iron rod before beating her father to death so she could put an end to the abuse.

The 16-year-old girl's father from Bhopal, India, was unemployed and used his eldest son's earnings to take care of expenses, according to Times of India. The 45-year-old father would often get drunk and violently assault his wife while the daughter watched on nearly every day.

The young girl was upset about the fights her parents would have and would even see the neighbors mock them about it, according to details revealed by the police.

One evening, the family was together discussing the eldest son's marriage when the father began arguing as usual. This sent the 16-year-old daughter into a fit of rage, and she grabbed an iron rod and brutally attacked her father.


The teenager bludgeoned her father to death and then turned herself in to the police.

"During interrogation... the girl said her father used to work as a laborer. He was a habitual drinker and used to beat her mother in an intoxicated state almost daily," said police officer, KK Verma, as reported by Hindustan Times. "The girl said neighbors used to mock them about the family feud. She was upset over the physical torture her mother was subjected to by her father as she told us."

On the evening of the attack, which took place in October, 2020, "the man returned to the house and started abusing his wife," Verma said.

"The girl couldn’t control her anger and attacked him with an iron rod. He fell down. The girl then picked up a stick and continued to hit her father on his head," the police officer continued. "The man died on the spot. Later, neighbors informed the police but the girl herself surrendered before the police."

A similar incident took place in the Indian state of Karnataka after a teenager, with the help of her friends, hacked her father to death on November 22 because he would sexually assault her, according to India Today.


Police said the father has two wives, the first of which lives in another state. The second wife knew about the father sexually abusing the elder daughter and even fought with the man about it in the past.

On the day of the murder, the second wife traveled out of the city while the father was left alone with his two daughters, as reported by Times of India. The father reportedly tried to sexually assault his older daughter, which prompted her to call her friends. Later, the daughter rushed to the neighbors' house and told them her father had been attacked.

The police later arrived and found inconsistencies in the girl's story. The daughter then admitted that her friends murdered the father. The police identified the four male teenagers that murdered the man and will produce them before the Juvenile Justice Board for further proceedings.

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