Little girl makes heartbreaking plea to divorced parents and begs them not to fight: "I want you to be friends"

Little girl makes heartbreaking plea to divorced parents and begs them not to fight: "I want you to be friends"

After overhearing her divorced parents fighting, the girl took her mother aside and gave her a much-needed lecture.

A wise 6-year-old girl is being called "better than any therapist" after she offered the world some pearls of wisdom and showed her mother that it's not hard to be a friend instead of a "meanie."

The little girl overheard her divorced parents arguing and couldn't stand to see them fight. So she took her mother, Cherish Sherry, aside and gave her a much-needed lecture that was luckily caught on camera.

"Mom, are you ready to be his friend?" said the 6-year-girl named Tiana from Surrey, Canada.

"Yes," Cherish replied.


"Try not to be that high up [she gestures with her hands] to be friends, I want everything to be low. Just try your best," the girl tells her mother very matter-of-factly. "I don't want you and my dad to be replaced and meanies again. I want you and my dad to be placed and settled and be friends."

Over and over again, Tiana reminded her mother that she wasn't trying to be mean to her. All that the little girl wanted was for her parents to try and be nice to each other.

"I'm not trying to be mean," Tiana said. "I just want everyone to be friends. And if I can be nice, I think all of us can be nice too. I'm not trying to be mean - I'm trying to do my best in my heart. Nothing else than that. I want my mom, my dad, everyone, to be friends. I want everyone to be smiling."

The mother was stunned by Tiana's words of advice and was moved to tears by the profound message her daughter was so simply putting forward.


Finally, Tiana assured Cherish that it does not take much to put aside our ego and try to be more understanding. "I think you can do it," Tiana said, as quoted by the Daily Mail. "I think you can settle your mean heights down to short heights... I just want everything to be settled down, nothing else. For everything to be as good as possible. Nothing else."

After Cherish listened to the short and important discourse her daughter gave, the mother said "Thank you" and hugged Tiana.

"I was stunned by it," the mother said. "She is teaching me. Woke me up."


It was not only Cherish but also plenty of others on the internet that saw the video and felt absolutely moved by what Tiana had to say.

"She's smarter than most adults I know," said one comment on YouTube while another said, "That child has an incredible grasp of concepts that are usually too abstract for someone her age."

"I am utterly blown away and nearly speechless by the eloquence, clear thought, kind, wise diplomacy of this bright and honestly loving person! She is a wondrous gift for Peace among us all!" said one comment. "...I will treasure her loveliness for all of my days!"

"This girl is brilliant," concluded one commenter. "She’s better than any therapist I’ve ever heard."

Cover image source: Daily Mail/YouTube

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