Girl quits her job to pretend to be a dog, licking water from a bowl, and play fetch, and now earns in six figures

Girl quits her job to pretend to be a dog, licking water from a bowl, and play fetch, and now earns in six figures

Jenna Phillips has earned thousands of followers on social media. Her videos are gaining mixed reactions from the audience.

Social media has allowed people to showcase their talents online and earn a living out of it. While some of these talents are commonly seen, some have exceptional and rather bizarre skills. Jenna Philips is such a woman. But her talent isn't a common one. She does not dance, sing, or joke; she pretends to act like a dog. If you think that's no talent, think again, as she is already an online superstar. 


Philips from Austin Texas goes by the name Yourpuppygirljena​ on her social media pages including Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter. The 21-year-old is believed to have left her regular job to pretend to be a dog. Not only has she shot to fame, she now earns a six-figure salary by acting like a dog! Though the girl has only posted a few videos, she has already grabbed the attention of many online. A comment on Quora describes her rise to fame rather clearly. "Yourpuppygirljena is a TikTok star who recently skyrocketed to fame after she posted videos online pretending to be a puppy. Her rise was meteoric,"​ said an user.


They further went on to say that the video might be catering to particular group. "Though she has only posted two videos on TikTok, she has already gained 12.5 thousand followers on her TikTok account. She also got 16.2 thousand likes on her TikTok account. There are videos featuring her eating and drinking out of a dog bowl and playing fetch online. She has described herself as “just a girl pretending to be a puppy” on TikTok. She also has a private Instagram account and an Only Fans account. People suspect all her videos are catering to a fetish community online," continued the post. 

With the increasing likeability of her videos, her followers are reported to be increasing quickly. As of 8 August 2020, she has 27.1K followers. The introduction on the Instagram page states, "Just a girl pretending to be a puppy." 


Meanwhile, Times Now reported that the girl worked as an optician before giving it up for her newfound career. The influencer stated that she always left like a puppy and that she was earning a livelihood by posting videos and pictures of her acting like a dog. In a video posted, the woman is seen licking water from a bowl like a dog. She is also seen wearing a dog caller during the act. Numerous people can be seen in the background of the video that looks like it was shot in a restaurant. Another video shows the woman playing fetch in the garden. In one video she jumps into a pond and retrieves a ball after being prompted by a woman in a bikini. 


One video shows her sitting on a couch and being talked to like a dog. She is asked to get into a dog bed by the person. She also posts pictures of her in a leash asking people to take her for a walk. 


Besides these, Jenna also chews on shoes and flipflops like a dog and even enjoys dog treats in some videos. In one of the video, the woman is let out of her house as a punishment like a dog. While many enjoy her content, the reaction is not always positive.  One user wrote, "I’ve seen some of her videos out in public. It’s really sad and her Dom (if she has one) has no respect for the safety of her. These things should be done in private in a safe environment." 

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