8-YO girl trying to stop her mother from diving drunk gets dragged by her car for about 300 feet

8-YO girl trying to stop her mother from diving drunk gets dragged by her car for about 300 feet

When a bystander intervened, he also was dragged along with the car by the drunk mother.

An 8-year-old girl, who was concerned about her mother's safety and wellbeing, tried to stop her from driving away in a drunken state. But the little girl wound up being dragged behind the car by her mother and came out of the incident with injuries.

On September 16, 2021, the 44-year-old mother named Erin Garcia was drunk and adamantly wanted to leave her mother's house in Laguna Niguel, California. However, her 8-year-old daughter was worried and did not want Erin to drive whilst being drunk. As Erin began revving up her SUV, her daughter grabbed onto the handle of the passenger door and begged her mother to stop. However, Erin continued driving on with the little child still holding onto the door handle, according to CBS Los Angeles.

According to the statement released on Facebook, the Placentia Police Department said about the incident: "It was discovered the child had sustained her injuries as a result of the child's mother, Erin Garcia. Garcia was intoxicated as she decided to leave her mother's residence on the 400 Block of Orchid Drive. Garcia's 8-year-old child was concerned about her driving due to her intoxication level and followed Garcia out to her vehicle. The child grabbed the passenger's door handle and told Garcia to stop."


"Garcia looked at the child and proceeded to drive away, dragging her child alongside the vehicle for approximately 300 feet," added the press release.

At the same time on the street, a man witnessed the horror unfold right before his eyes and tried to intervene. The bystander got Erin to stop the vehicle so that the child's grandmother could step in and get the drunk mother out of the car. However, Erin paid no heed and soon continued to drive; this time, it was the man she dragged along with the car for a certain distance.

"Garcia then proceeded to drive away and the bystander was dragged by Garcia's vehicle for a short distance," revealed the Placentia Police Department. "Garcia then drove away from the scene."


The drunk mother disappeared with the vehicle and left behind her daughter and the bystander with moderate injuries. The Placentia Police Department was soon alerted about the incident, and first responders arrived at the grandmother's house to find the child with abrasions to her feet and legs.

Both the child and bystander were taken to the hospital and given medical attention. The police began searching for Erin, and they later found her hiding behind some bushes in the grandmother's backyard.

When officers tried to arrest Erin, they saw her turn aggressive as she started kicking and fighting them off.


"Ma'am, I can't feel my thumb," one officer was heard saying in a video of the arrest, posted by ABC7, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Officers managed to take Erin into custody and booked her on suspicion of child endangerment, battery against a peace officer, and assault with a deadly weapon. The mother was held on a bail of $100,000 and was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, September 20.

Cover image source: Placentia Police Department/Facebook

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