Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell will be grandparents once again as the family throws baby shower for Wyatt Russell's wife

Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell will be grandparents once again as the family throws baby shower for Wyatt Russell's wife

They spent quarantine together and tried to "savor every moment" as a family.

"A good family is the answer to happiness," said Goldie Hawn, who shares a close bond with her tightly-knit family.

The actress and her long-time partner, Kurt Russell, will soon become grandparents for the seventh time and welcome their son, Wyatt, and his wife Meredith's first baby. Wyatt's stepsister, actor Kate Hudson recently posted an adorable photo with Meredith at her baby shower.


Together for nearly four decades, Hollywood power couple Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn enjoys the love of a blended family, which includes their children, Oliver Hudson, Kate Hudson, Boston Russell, and Wyatt Russell. They are also often seen as doting grandparents to their six grandkids, and seem to be very involved in their lives.


"I was there for all the grandchildren's births," Hawn said on The Jonathan Ross Show in 2014, as quoted by HELLO!

During the birth of her daughter, Kate Hudson's child in 2018, Hawn was in the delivery room getting as close as she could to the action.

"...Mom, once again—she was right in there!" Kate Hudson said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, according to E!



"[The doctor] was sort of like this, leaning down, doing the thing… and I'm trying to get in on him to try to look over his shoulder," Hawn recalled. "Now I see the head and I'm going, 'Oh! There's the head!' Then it went back, and he said, 'Goldie, if you get any closer, you're going to fall in!'"

That's just how close Hawn likes to be with her family. 

As they quarantined together this year, Hawn and Russell made the most of their time with the family and tried to "savor every moment."


"I’m quarantining in the mountains with Kurt and the kids, and we’ve been RVing a lot," Hawn told InStyle in September, 2020. "We rented a big one that is kind of the mother ship, and the other day, Kurt was hugging the right side of the road, when our son Wyatt [Russell] passed us in his van. I thought, 'Wow, he must be speeding!' But it turned out Kurt was barely going 50 mph on the freeway, and we had a trail of cars behind us. [laughs] It was so simple, but when we sat around the campfire that night, the laughs went on for 15 minutes straight, which shows what asses we all are."


Appreciating the "smaller moments," Hawn added, "When I wake up, Kurt brings me coffee, which is just the sweetest, and it starts the day off great. I have my dogs in the bed with me, and I snuggle with them for a while. We have breakfast with the kids and sit around and talk. And then I go on a bike ride with Kate. As scary as this time is, I try to savor every moment because I get to be with my family. This is an experience that we will all remember and learn so much from."

The Hollywood lovebirds also often get asked what the secret to their relationship of 37 years is. While speaking to CBS Sunday Morning, Hawn said, "...You can actually survive a relationship in a way that when you get older you go, 'Ah, I'm so glad I got through whatever period that was.' Do you know what I mean? Because the relationships go through periods, sometimes really hard times. But there's nothing sweeter than having a family, and that is worth everything."


Ensuring that her loved ones are one of her top priorities, Hawn told Australian Women's Weekly, as quoted by HELLO! "A good family is the answer to happiness. I look at our kids and grandchildren and there's nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all of them... Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it. It brings incredible joy. Family is so important."

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